Tech My son wants a Laptop...need recommendations

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  1. Okay, so my son who will turn 13 years old pretty soon he wants a Laptop as a B-Day present. I don't know much about laptops and REALLY need help and recommendations. He wants it with built in card for wireless internet, and about gigabites and memory I don't know nothing. The main thing he wants it for is: homework, internet, downloading games, music etc....can someone help me out....thanks!! What is a good place to buy a Laptop?
  2. do you know how much you would like to spend? that would help narrow things down a bit.
    you'll get a lot of opinions but for some budget laptops, HP, Dell and Acer seem to be the most mentioned.
  3. MacBook hands down. Its the best out there! Love mines :smile: . You can purchase it at best buy or the apple store
  4. Who's dropping 1K on a laptop for a 13yr old? That's ridiculous.

    The cheapest way to get him what he wants without breaking you is a Netbook. Small, compact, and plenty of speed for a 13yr old and the games he will play. You can get them for generally $250 or less. I've seen them as low as $130 on sale.

    Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Dell, & HP are best and in that order. Same goes for full size laptops.
  5. ^ agree about getting the netbook. I think a MacBook is a bit much for a 13 year old. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE mine and wouldn't ever go back to a PC, but a netbook is affordable and perfect for what he wants.
  6. a MAC. He will love you forever ;)
  7. The security of knowing that you will never get a virus on a Mac is a great reason alone to get one. I've gotten viruses even though I have always had security. If you don't want to spend a lot, you can always get a refurbished. At 14 I had a LOT of coursework, and got my first PC laptop at that age. It was 2000 dollars for a mediocre laptop eight years ago, but now you can get great quality laptops for 1000 or under?- that is a great deal.
  8. ^^ oh man that took me back!! my first laptop was a refurbished sony vaio and it was about $2000!! and yep... that was about 8-9 years ago.

    although you can get a great quality laptop for way less than $1k now. more like $500.
    i just bought a hp laptop, 14 inch screen which i think is the perfect size (not sure what i was thinking when i wanted a 17 inch macbook pro :shocked: those are massive). it's 4GB with a 320 GB hard drive. pretty darn impressive for slightly over $500.

    i honestly dont' think a 13 year old needs a mac. unless they're the most perfect and most trust worthy 13 year old on the planet.
  9. i have a hp and i love it to death...i'd never reccomend a mac computer it's just too different....most people use windows and thats what i would get if i was you...i never see anyone with a mac computer. My hp does wonderfully and i do a lot with mine from graphics, grames, photos to itunes...highly reccomend a hp, never had a single problem out of mine and had it over a year now.
  10. Since the OP mentioned games, I do not think a Mac is the way to go. My husband plays games on his iMac only because he has it dual booting Windows, and he plays the games in Windows. He doesn't game on any of the Mac laptops in the house. That's what my HP laptop is for.

    OP I'd recommend HP or Dell for the brand. I have an HP I use for gaming and my boss's son has a Dell. Find out what kind of games your son wants to play and get the requirements for them. That will tell you the specs you need from the laptop (RAM, hard drive space, video card etc). If you feel comfortable enough at a store like Best Buy, they can help you find a laptop that meets your requirements in your budget.
  11. I think this is great advice. Dell recently bought Alienware which a lot of gamers use.
    Also, add into the equation that he is a 13 year old boy -- things get broken or stolen -- a netbook is probably a good option too.
  12. I recently bought our son (who will be 13 soon) a HP netbook. He LOVES it!!! It has built in wireless...he can get on the is small, so he can carry it with him. does not have enough memory to download a bunch of games. We are looking into increasing the memory and adding virus protection software for his bday gift. I bought it on Craigslist for $250 (currently selling for @$350), and had an awesome experience.
  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! I think a notbook is what I'm gonna get him. Do you think is a good idea to get a used one? I'm going to look for HP or DELL. How much memory and GB should I look for on a used notbook? I have been searching in craigslist but I'm affraid to end up with a bad one.....
  14. morenita - do you mean notebook or netbook?
    netbooks generally are only 1GB (can be upgraded to 2) with 160(?) gb hard drive.

    if you mean notebook then you will want 3 or 4 GB and anything above 160GB hard drive (can't remember the exact numbers, one is in the 200's and the other is 320)
  15. This statement isn't exactly true. Mac's are prone to viruses just like PC's it's just that no one currently targets Macs the same as PC's because Macs have such a small number of users compared to PC's.

    This will most likely change as Macs and the iPad start being used more and more. Viruses targeting your iPhone and cell phones in general are slowly becoming a big reality.