My son walks on his tippytoes... all the time!

  1. It drives me crazy and I'm worried he's going to(or has already!) damaged his feet.:crybaby:

    Anybody else run into this with kids or a sibling or something? Any ideas on how to get it to stop? I've tried everything short of putting steel inserts in his shoes. He does it in shoes, barefoot...

    Do they grow out of it? I've only known somebody who did it when I was a kid and he moved when I was 7 so I don't know how it ends, or does it?:wtf:

    Should we just buy him point shoes???:rolleyes:

    He's always done it and he's just turned 6.

    I'd appreciate any help with this one!:flowers:
  2. have you asked your pediatrician?......there can be a number of reasons, we had a grandkid who had an ankle/achiles tendon problem, it hurt him when he walked on his whole foot,therefore, he walked on his tippy toes only....but, there are many other reasons that may cause it...:heart:H
  3. I'd have a Doc see him soon, I know babies do it but when toddlers do it often they like to correct it ASAP. Apparently it shortens some muscles and makes it difficult to walk the longer it goes on.
  4. Thanks, habanaerirta and swanky.

    I asked a doctor once before and he said it wasn't anything to worry about, but it was a while ago. I've changed dr since, maybe it's time to bring it up again. I like this one much better, she has kids, not great-grand kids, like our old dr!
  5. You don't say how old he is? My son did the same thing until about 3 1/2, when he became more active with running etc, he stopped.
  6. I have a relative with almost the same thing, his mom said he always walked on his tippy toes as a baby and when I met him at 8 or 9 he was still doing it! The doctor figured out that there was a lot of tension in the muscle (gastrocneumius muscle) .. that or it was too short and "pulled" too tightly, not sure what they did about it but I remember that was the problem with the boy.

    Hope up get a proper diagnosis and something can be done.
  7. Thanks Miss2A and twink.tink.

    I sounds more and more frightening I have to admit. I did think he would grow out of it once he started wearing soccer shoes and playing the sport so much, but as I mentioned above, at 6, I kinda thought he would outgrow it.

    I'll phone the dr in the am for an appointment.
  8. My son did that for a good 5 or 6 years.He used to walk through the house on his tiptoes calling out "yoo hoo, mommy, daddy" over and over in a falsetto voice. I confess we thought it was cute more than anything. He is fine, his feet are fine, except for the fact that they are HUGE,lol. He is a mens size 8 or 9 and is 11 years old. In his defense he is about 5'4". My son is very creative and was in his own dream world for years, and the tiptoeing was part of it. He also dressed as Superman or Clark Kent all of the time. He is now an honor role student and plays sports, just a normal child. I would still consult a doctor because there are serious medical issues that can cause that, but sometimes it really is just a personality quirk.
  9. Thanks LV mom, I'll still follow it up with the dr, but I think I'll rest a bit easier tonight!
    My older son (now 140 has huge feet too. This April for his birthday we spent about 125 euros on his soccer boots thinking his feet had FINALLY stopped growing after being the same size for 1 1/2 years. You guessed, had to buy more the other day. He's a size 46, I think thats an 11 or 12 in NA. Great. Just because my kid is Canadian doesn't mean he has to have feet like canoes!!!

    Only 30 days, you must be so excited! A baby for Christmas!
  10. It's a good thing he is on honor roll, since I just realized I misspelled roll,lol!! I hope you get great news from your doctor and that it really is just a quirk.:smile: We are excited about baby-doctor says if he is not here by November 19th he will induce because I am already dilated 3cm. Yay! I can't wait to see him!
  11. Saw a gal who looks at foot care the other day, just on the spur of the moment while I wait for a dr appt, (next WEEK! urgh!). She gave him some excercises of about 10 reps to do in the meantime to help stretch his mucles. He says it hurts a little bit, but that's because I caught him doing it about 20x! That's like 200 stretches! Bless his heart, he's really trying! :love:

    Already starting to dilate, eh? Don't plan any long shopping trips!! That's a great excuse to internet shop!

    Although I suppose if you are up and around that may help to "move things along" a bit quicker too...all right, go get yourself a prezzie!:balloon::choochoo:
  12. My oldest son has/had that same issue. His dr. never thought it was an issue, but it was likely just another characteristic of his mild gross motor delay. He is also very tight in the leg muscles, and we try to do some fun yoga stretches (imitating animals) daily after school.

    As a younger child, we would remind him, "Heel, toe!" when he walked, and we purchased shoes with the lights in the heels to encourage him to hit the heel and make the lights go off.

    Now, at age 6, he walks more like a lot of college-aged men (we called it the frat boy walk in college!), where he lands on his heel and then pops up to his toe before putting the next foot down. Generally, i provided it is not combined with other symptoms of a gross motor delay or other issues, it isn't considered a high-priority problem by dr.s.
  13. My son did that off and on from 2- early 3. He almost four (approx. one month to go!) and he doesn't do it anymore.
  14. I used to walk on my tippy toes all the time. My mom took me to the pediatrician and he didn't find any problems with my muscles that could force me to do it. So he just said that eventually I would grow out of it.

    I still catch myself just standing on my tippy toes, same thing when I go up the stairs. It's more of a habit which I'm not sure why it even started in the first place.
  15. RenataM,: I GREW UP IN BRAMPTON!!! How's home? I'm in Europe! I used to know a Renata...? Hmmmm!

    Aslan, I'm glad your son outgrew it, and at that age, that makes it easier!!:smile:

    Haute Mama, funny you should mention the frat boy walk..I call it the engineer's walk. Guess who does that? His dear daddy, my DH! LOL!!!
    I wonder if DH tippytoed when he was a kid? They are both amazing soccer players though and my DH says that DS has been looked at by the rep teams here already. I guess the motor skill coordination isn't part of it, but I'm not sure how it shows up.

    But I love the idea about the runners with the lights on them. I just saw some attachments that you can put onto any shoe yesterday. Never even thought that for us they might have a practical application. I'll pick some up this weekend, and let you know.

    Fantastic ideas and great support...
    Geez, what a great load of help you guys are!!!:ty: