My son Tiago Alexandre is here!!! Warning: a bit long...

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  1. Hi everyone, sorry I'm posting this a bit too late as my son is now 3 weeks old already. I just didn't realise how busy being a mom would be:smile:

    My son Tiago Alexandre was supposed to be due on March 23rd, 2008, but he decided to come and say hello to the whole wide world 2 weeks in advance. He arrived on March 9th, 2008 at 3.50pm weighing 2.75kg (6lb 1oz) and measuring 48cm (1'7") a bit jaundiced but otherwise strong and healthy. Although I had a 2 page birth plan all written up and ready, the whole thing pretty much got thrown out the window as I ended up having the birth experience from hell :cry:

    My contractions had started on Thursday 6th they were lasting around 20 seconds and were about 1 hour apart, but I didn't know any better and thought they were those fake Braxton Hicks contractions as this was my first pregnancy, the contractions were painless and my waters were intact. By Friday they were around 15 minutes apart and lasting 30 seconds, and my waters were still intact and the contractions were still painless. On Saturday my contractions were coming on every 10 minutes and lasting about 40 seconds, they were still painless and yep, you guessed it... my waters were still intact. The hospital had told me not to come in until my contractions were at least 3 to 5 minutes apart and lasting more than 60 seconds. Then on Sunday 9th, I woke up at 5:00am with my first painfull contraction. I thought this isn't too bad and was glad I had written on my birth plan that I wanted to try and have a natural birth with no drugs or interventions other than gas. By 8:00am my contractions were coming on every 5 minutes and lasting around 90 seconds and my waters still hadn't ruptured...

    My husband and I ended up arriving at the hospital just before 9.00am but something
    weird had happened on the way there!!!! By the time I checked in with my midwife my contractions were one on top of the other, I had absolutely no break in between them, the pain was excruciating and non stop and my blood pressure had sky rocketed to 180/120 even though I was on blood pressure medication. I was 5 to 6cm dilated and yes, you guessed it again... my waters were still intact.

    I was given gas for the pain, but the gas was useless, and then I was told that no matter what happened, that I should not push because if I tried to do that with my high blood pressure I'd end up blowing something in my brain. I was given a dose of Ventolin through an inhaler because having no break between contractions was interfering with my ability to breath properly. Then I got an injection of something else to help bring my contractions under control but that didn't help either. So I finally begged for some other kind of pain relief because the gas wasn't helping with the pain at all, so I was given pethadiene, and guess what? Nothing!!! It didn't help with the pain either, so they gave me another dose of Ventolin because the pain was making it really difficult for me to breath properly, and finally I was told that in order for them to bring the blood pressure down they'd have to up my medication and also give me an epidural because part of the problem was the pain of the contractions upping my blood pressure.

    So at 11.00am after over 2 hours of excruciating pain and having to fight the urge to push they gave my epidural then they broke my waters for me, by then I had been fully dilated for over an hour already but they told me I'd be given a couple of hours break and if all was ok and my blood pressure was back to normal by 1pm then I would be able to start pushing my baby son out, if not I'd be forced to have a c-section.

    All was good at 1pm and i started pushing and at 3.30 pm the baby seemed to have gotten stuck on his way out, Tiago just wouldn't move any further regardless of how much i pushed, by now the epidural was also starting to wear off and i could feel my contractions getting really painful and getting closer together again. My midwife did another vaginal examination and they ended up finding out that the umbilical cord was wraped around my son's neck so they told me they would have to use the suction cap to help bring my son out quickly. It only took 2 more contractions for my son to be born. I was given an episiotomy that led to a 2nd degree tear, when his head first came out, all i could hear was my husband screaming "he's here, he's here" When my son was
    finally born they immediately took him away from me, i was in tears, it
    turned out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice and
    around one of his arms once. The doctors spent about half an hour on my son
    giving him oxygen and a massage. But i knew all was OK when my son Tiago started crying at the top of his lungs and peeing all over the doctors and nurses. And i can't even begin to describe what i was feeling when i finally got to hold my son.

    It was the birth from hell but it was all worth it in the end. I love my son to death! And that night even though i was exhuasted, i actually ended up getting very little sleep because i couldn't stop staring at my son in his little hospital crib next to me.

    Thank you very much for for getting this far, i didn't realise i had written so much :shame:
    And kudos to all the ladies who have given birth without any type of pain relief :tup: I have nothing but respect for you!!!
  2. Congratulations! No matter what the circumstances of the birth, it's always so worth it when you look into the eyes of your child. You almost forget immediately! lol By the way, is Alexandre his middle or last name? It's my last name and I rarely meet anyone else that has it. Many congrats again on your precious bundle of joy!
  3. Wow...that is such an amazing birth story to tell Tiago Alexandre one day...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Glad that mom & baby boy are doing well & have recovered nicely :smile:

    Do you have any pics you can post? I'm sure I speak for many tpfr's when I say we would love to see your little guy!!!

    Enjoy this special time...everyone says it flys by!!!

    Best wishes!!!
  4. Wonderful story, I feel elated for you. I'm relieved to hear the birth from hell ended in you having a gorgeous baby boy. Congratulations to you and your husband and welcome Tiago!
  5. parabéns!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    wishing you all lots of health and happiness, enjoy this special time :flowers:
  6. I am glad that everything turned out for the best!! Congrats on the birth of your son! Can't wait to see pictures!!
  7. Congratulations!! and what a story! I always hear that labour is worse than birth. Hope you are both doing well!
  8. congrats! glad to know Tiago is healthy and you are enjoying your motherhood.
    you are so brave compairing to me(I couldnt stand the contraction pain so i went to the hospital for pain relief injection and was induced the next morning, with epidural of course. I'm a chicken lol). so good on you! and hope to see little Tiago's pictures soon. all the best. ooxxx
  9. How scary! I´m sorry you had a birth experience from hell, sadly they don´t always go the way we intend to. Your son´s name is beautiful!!
  10. Oh, congratulations on your new baby! I'm so sorry that you didn't have any kind of pain relief. I know that if I had given birth via no pain medication, it would make me think twice about having more! Congrats again.
  11. congrats! I'm so glad you had a doctor around. This is why home births scare me!
  12. congrats on your little bundle of joy! you are a very brave and strong woman, i wish all the best for you and your family!
  13. Congrats on the birth of your son
  14. Congratulations!! What a rollercoaster ride of a birth story!!! I'm so glad everything turned out fine. Wishing you a speedy recovery. :biggrin:
  15. Congratulations, I'm so glad you are both ok. Enjoy your precious son. :flowers: