My son threw out my Coach keychain :(

  1. Sorry for the long story, I am just feeling sorry for myself! We have one car and the keychain is mine as I drive all day, except when my husband is home. Tuesday night I picked him up from the train and he drove home as usual but instead of handing me the keys to open the door...I actually don't know what happened to my keys after he opened the door. He said he put them down on the kitchen counter. So for days we have been searching the house (using the spare keys) and no luck. They are gone. All my house, car and mom's house keys...and my TPF keyfob and my adorable Coach patchwork blue flower. I love that charm. This morning my two year old walks past me in the kitchen and opens the door to where the garbage can is and throws his brothers playstation controller in the garbage and walks away! He must have done the same thing to my keys but we were not paying attention! :sad: Oh well, I guess that is a better scenario than the some-maniac-has-my-house-keys theory. That charm is sold out now :crybaby:(I just like that smilie, sorry!) and I think the cute TPF hearts are gone for good too.
  2. Oh that totally sucks:sad: You may be able to find that Coach key Fob on eBay, or there is a new patchwork flower that is really cute. I don't know about the other one.I have a 2.5 year old girl and I think she threw my wedding ring away. I haven't been able to find it for 2 months and I know EXACTLY where I left it. Kids like to throw things away don't they?
  3. I saw 2 of the blue patchwork flowers at the Camarillo outlet in CA yesterday for only $10! you might be able to find one at an outlet near you!
  4. Now the wedding ring totally beats the keychain :sad: My kids are constantly grabbing my jewelry box and we are always hunting for a ring or earing. My husband tells me to put them in the closet, but why should I listen?
  5. Thanks, I have to check out the outlet one day (it's only about 40min from here I think). I liked that charm because it has silver hardware and my keys were silver. Now I am wondering what else he's thrown out!
  6. Kimmi, I got an extra TPF keyfob if you'd like it. PM me your address and I'll send it out to you! Sorry I can't help with the Coach keyfob! I bet you'll find one!
  7. Where do you guys get the TPF key fob?
  8. One of the gals had them made up a while back but she sold out of them. I bought one for myself and then got one as a gift during RAOK.
  9. ^^You are so sweet!!!
  10. No problem at all!! I'm glad I have a spare to offer you!! You should have your new one by the end of next week!
  11. OMG!!! You have a lil' stinker there!!!
  12. ^^Oh yes! He is so cute though that what I can do? To Tlloveshim--Thank you so much!
  13. My son likes to take stuff out of the trash. Mostly things I don't want him to have so I throw them away thinking he'll forget about it. Never works!
  14. I had to put my ENTIRE jewelry box in my closet when my daughter was 2 years old for this reason!! She is now 5, but my jewlery box REMAINS in my closet!!! LOL...I'm so sorry this happened to you! I saw the patchwork flower at my outlets as well, so I hope you can find one at yours! Good luck...I'll be thinking of you!
  15. I went today to copy my keys (because if he throws out the spare I will have to throw out the car!) and I realized with the car key went that thing that you beep to open the car/keyless entry thing, I know it has a real name right? The two year old throws stuff away apparently and the other two little ones are always in the garbage and the toilet!