My SON is joining the highway patrol ... should I be afraid?

  1. Hi ladies and gents, I hope this is the right section for this. I just wanted to share my fears and concerns and see what you think about it ... whether it's founded or I'm being silly. I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.

    My firstborn son, who is now 21 and of legal age decided to join the California Highway Patrol. He's passed all the tests and requirements, he's just awaiting background check and would start the 7 month training early next year. A couple of years ago he wanted to join the military and we were able to disuade him, fearful for his safety because of the war going on you know where. But now he's 21, and we can't really tell him what to or not to do, can we? He lives on his own, has a full time job and has a great head on his shoulders.

    What do you think? Would you be concerned and fearful as well if it were your child? From what I've heard CHP handles not only pulling over unlawful drivers but murder scenes as well? California is not exactly full of angels either ... KWIM?

    Any thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated ... TIA:flowers:
  2. My DF is joining the Police force and has thought about CHP before. Both jobs are very respectful and honorable, and scary! The only thing that really freaked us out, is when my God Mom who has been in the force for years told me that a lot of the pulling over for CHP is uncalled traffic violations. And the officer has no idea what's going on and what weapons that driver is carrying. That's when a lot of the dangerous stuff goes down. Plus CHP operators also handles all calls from cell phones, so they have to weed out a lot of calls and some don't get weeded out well enough so I've heard of CHP dealing with some regular police work. I'm not sure if they go to murder scenes, unless they are on the Highway. It wouldn't make sense to me.

    Personally, I get scared everytime I realize what DF is going to be doing. But I support him 100% and have so much respect for him for wanting to protect. I'm so lucky to have that man, and you are extreamly lucky for your son! :]

    DF goal is to be in Swat. (suuuuper hard!!) I think even though it's more dangerous dealing with organized crime, guns, and drugs at least they have a lot more protection. The only thing that shows is their eyes. He thought of the Army at one point too, but when he realized WHY we were fighting he decided not to. Lucky he pondered for awhile, I'm totally against that. It's also really hard to be away from family for soooo long.
  3. My DH is a federal agent with ATF here in Calif. He said: "she should not worry, he is 21 and it is his decision. The CHP gets very very good training so he will be very well prepared for his job".
  4. Ah, what PART of California? If he's up north, he's going to be fine. If down south, he'll be even better, they have more cops per mile down there.

    Congrats, This is something to be proud of.
  5. Oh, and they always highlight the bad stuff, you see it on shows like "World's Worse" and "Most Outrageous Criminals" and the like. 90% of his day he'll be writing reports and pulling over speeders. His pals and dispatcher will ALWAYS know where he is and what he's doing.
  7. ^^^ Thank your DH for his kind words ... I relayed it to my hubby as well and we both appreciate it! We know it's his decision and we are not stopping him ... but me as a Mom just worries a bit, (or too much) I guess. Thanks for the response!
  8. ^^^Thank you, we are very proud of him! He doesn't know yet where he'll be posted, but he's hoping up north somewhere.
  9. You must be such a proud Mama! You have a 21 year old who is going to be a contributing member of society, not just that...but a responsible law enforcement officer.

    Brings a tear to my eye, I'd be so proud of my son!

    You must be a great Mom! So many 21 year olds are sponging off their parents (for many years to come) doing stupid things...wasting time and money.

    He will be well trained! The CHP is a good thing!
  10. ^^^Thank you guccimamma, I really appreicate that! My hubby and I are so proud of our son ... he knows what he wants in life, has set goals for himself and striving really hard to achieve them. I feel better the more I talk to people about my concerns ... everyone has been so nice and supportive. Just being a worrywort, I guess ... thanks again!
  11. Dont try to talk him out of it. Be proud of him, he must be an amazing man!
  12. Yeah, I'd be concerned for him. Being a cop is tough anywhere in the world. However, it's particularly tough in the U.S. with all the damned guns. Also, U.S. cops suffer from very high rates of burnout, substance abuse and suicide; because of all the pressures of the job.