My son embarressed me at the pharmacy...

  1. So...I know Mommyville you don't take your bags to icky places...BUT...My youngest woke with an ear infection...And I ran him to Stat Care since our Pediatrician is over an hour away...Verses stat care 15 minutes away...Well it was a 2 hour wait!

    I took my Legacy Tote that I just got...It held my son's "MADE YOU LOOK" book in it and also my book I am currently reading...As well as EVERYTHING else I needed. Along with my son's DS game. Since he wasn't wanting to play it. And his older brother was taking his.

    So...After the long wait...And then a 45 minute wait at the pharacy to find my son took their last antibiotic. And that they would have to send customers to another pharmacy in the next town. (Thank goodness we at least got the last one!)

    So...My oldest is letting his little brother annoy him...I guess he told his older brother that his stuffed lambie was staring at him...Well he had a MELT DOWN! My son is 10 yes. old (The oldest one) I was like...IT'S A STUFFED ANIMAL what do you mean it's staring at you...To show him it was a bit silly~to let his little brother get at him...

    Well...The pharmacy woman was admiring my tote...And I had asked her if I could return a book if I found I had previously boughten it. Since I couldn't remember if I had it or just scanned the back of it at one time or other...And she was like..."So you have yourself a book collection do you" and I was like...I'm working on it...And my son...Says...YOU SHOULD SEE HER PURSES! SHE HAS SO MANY PURSES... I come from a little town where most use FAKE signature Coach bags. Thus I like the all leather ones. So I am told my son quietly that he was being sooooo rude. And then lectured him in the Jeep. That he had far more game titles than I had purses. And that even if he didn't he was NOT to speak of it to strangers! Or anyone for that matter...That I found it rude and disrespectful~

    We were having his friends over...But after his comment about my purses...And also his acting so childish over his little brother's stuffed animal STARING at him...:rolleyes: Then when I warned him that he wasn't walking the right path to expect friends over later...And then...after I commented on the purses...He went on again about the stupid stuffed animal (once we left and was headed home). And that his brother made it stare at him...:cursing: To long of a wait at Stat Care...And a headache...His friends didn't make it over today...I called for a rain check...

    Bad mommy...:sad: I don't know...But I find it rude for him to discuss what I have with strangers...It's just tacky~ The woman surely felt I could afford a book I already owned...But I am tired of having so many duplicates!:cursing:
  2. Aww.. sorry about your day!!

    I know my boyfriend loves to bring up the fact I have so many purses.. (but it's my passion) and I'm not really shocked when he tells other people I have a thing for purses.. it's my thing.. everyone has their own things.. ^^;

    Just keep your head up!
  3. You just need to remember that he's 10. Yes, he's 10 but he's also ONLY 10. If you haven't had a talk with him about what's appropriate and not appropriate to talk about in front of others he's not going to know. He hasn't been on this earth long enough to know the in's and out's of social behavior and what is considered "tacky." A simple sit-down talk with him about "things that should be kept to ourselves" will educate him and hopefully it won't happen again. Reminders before leaving the house will also help because children can and will be forgetful. :yes:
  4. You were just having a bad day, and you know that kids always speak of those things that we want no one else to know about.

    He's 10, and he probably won't remember any of this tomorrow. So once everything has settled down, just have a gentle conversation to remind him not to discuss at-home things with strangers. You might be able to laugh with him about how embarrassed you felt. Then give him a big hug and re-schedule that play date...:tup:
  5. ((((HUGS)))) Thanks guys for letting me get that off my shoulders...He is only 10 yrs. old...We actually chuckled that he let a stuffed animal get him out of sorts today~:p I will have a sit down talk with him...For it did embarress me. Only due to my not liking my bags to "SCREAM" their a Coach. When I come from a town where frankly no one would know it's a Coach if it didn't have C's all over it. Shoot...Even if it had Sig's...It would most likely be a C bag~Or unfortnately even G's are in my town...:yucky:
  6. AWWW... I am sorry you had a bad day! (((((Hugs))))) Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
  7. Your son and my son could be BEST FRIENDS!!!!! LOL Sorry about your awful day! My daughter is sick again, too, w/ an ear infection and "possible strep throat" UGH! They didnt want to run a strep culture b/c they were giving her the same meds anyway. She will be home w/ me AGAIN tomorrow so I feel your agony!!!! I hope your son feels better soon!!! And I DID bring my chocolate ergo hobo to the dr's office yesterday!!!!! LOL I just didnt feel like switching into my duffle! Figure as long as there is no vomit, etc involved on our end, I'd better get over the fear!!! LOL
  8. Sick kids can be hard on Mommy, so it's totally understandable that this was a bad day.

    And if you ever want to hear some REALLY humbling stories, try taking my four year old twins to the grocery store sometime. No topic is sacred and they have no internal sensors! They just say whatever they're thinking, and since they're only four, it's usually funny but a bit humbling for me!

    On the bright side, it's pretty hard to embarrass me in public these days with all the practice I've had!

  9. Sorry to hear your daughter is sick again...Wow...And possible Strep...NASTY STUFF! My son is on antibiotics for 10 days! The doctor seeing him said he had a nasty ear infection. We've not done the 10 day meds. For an ear infection for a long time. Last time we did some antibiotic that was three times the first day then a few days after with just one dose...I don't know if he's on for 10 days due to the severity or that's all they had at the pharmacy.:confused1: But...The doctor also stressed to give him Motrin for pain. (Which of course I had already)

    Our boys could be best friends eh? My youngest or the oldest...The youngest was the one having his lambie stare at his brother...:rolleyes::lol: Amd the oldest is the one with the melt down...:rolleyes: And the one whom blabbed about my purse addiction~:p I'm doing much better seeing that others have had embarressing situations as well...What is with that...Knowing others have been there done that...Makes it easier to deal with.((((HUGS)))) To all of you~
  10. son is going to be 9 in April, and I think he'd get along VERY well w/ both of them!!!!!! LOL do you remember my post about us going to a street fair this past summer and there was a booth filled w/ Goaches and my son yelled "Mom...look at all the Goaches!!!" only he NEVER heard me refer to them as that before....he thought he was "naming" them himself b/c they had G's intead of C's!!!! Yeah....FUN!!!!! LOL
    We have the 10 day antibiotic as well!!! UGH
  11. Sorry about your bad you're not a bad mommy....everyone gets stressed every once in a while. Especially when their kid is sick, they're worried about that, pharmacy lines and waiting for prescriptions....I'll bet you waited in the little room for the doctor for 30 mins. for a 5 min. exam...and it all just gets to ya. Happens to the best of us. Hope your son feels better soon--and you! Take care!
  12. :roflmfao: Your son calling that knock off a GOACH! That's PRICELESS~

    Your daughter's on a 10 day anibiotic as well...Geesh! I wonder if the virus is a doosy. I know he stressed giving fluids. And that to make sure he takes all his anitibiotics. Today my son has the NASTY cough...Even with the humidifier running...I sent him to school with a large sports bottle of water. With a pop top. So if it tips it won't spill everywhere and a note for the teacher explaining he's to drink tons of fluids.

    The wind is so bad here today...You can barely catch your breath...And it's SNOWING!:graucho: I love the snow...But...Unfortunately with my youngest being sick...I don't see sledding in the future for this afternoon. I actually called the school to tell them...I didn't want my son walking outside this morning. (He forgot his gloves in the Jeep at the bus stop) And the secretary...Grrrr Was like...Can't he just stick his hands in his pockets. And I was like...YOU GO STAND OUTSIDE IN THAT NASTY WIND...You'll be fighting to keep your hat on! And then where is your hands then...So she put me on hold to check with the principal. And he agreed with me soooo...They moved walking indoors today. Besides...It's NASTY out! The wind chill has to be below what is acceptable for children outdoors. (And our school does monitor it closely...But I wanted to just be sure my son wasn't outside)
  13. son is going to be 9 on Saturday (January 26th)...I have the same thing over here...
    He is always saying to me (sometimes if front of people I know as well as strangers) "you have way too many purses" and throws a fit whenever I want to go to the outlet or the mall to the boutique. He has no problem letting me know that he does not like my addiction...It can be pretty embarrassing at times:s

    I have a 14 year old too (soon to be 15) and he is the complete opposite...he is a smarter cookie...he knows that he will "catch flies with honey and not vinager", plus he loves to check out all the girls at the store (teen customers and employees...he is too

  14. It soooo must be an age thing with kids then...But it is quite embarressing. I told him later he really embarressed me. And he felt bad...And I told him...He's not to understand a woman's need for handbags...BUT...If he wants to continue with having all his things...He needs to respect my wants as well...And so hopefully I won't have this to deal with again...

    ((((HUGS)))) I so know what your going threw...It can be frustrating definately~ Now...My youngest is the lady checker...He's 7 yrs. old going on 16!:rolleyes: He even tries to get girls phone numbers when we're out...:nogood:
  15. Oh no! Sorry you had a bad day. Dont worry - its common knowledge that kids were put on this earth to embarrass us!!! I'm sure he'll think twice before he says anything like that from now on. They tend to just blurt out the first thing that pops into their heads (dont you wish we as adults could do that and get away with it sometimes?!)