My son (4 year old) is so funny - actully Chloe related

  1. Every time I wear something new he notices it. When I buy new purses or coats and use one for the first time he says, "What's that purse?" or "What's that coat?" Then I say, "It's my new purse, do you like it?" And he always says "yeah!"

    Well, I tried on my new Chloe C-buckle boots for so I could show then off to my husband last night, and my son said, "What are thjose shoes?" So I said, "They're my new boots, do you like them?" And he replied "YEAH!" and ran over to feel them and help me unzip them and take them off. The boots must be a keeper!

    He is so cute. Unfortunately I think I am setting him up to only date girls who spend way too much money on fashion :p
  2. PS Sorry for the typos!!
  3. Aaawww... He's adorable! Your son has good taste! ;) ^^ Have to agree with that! This could get expensive! Hehehee...
  4. My son is exactly the same!!!!!! He's 6 and will always say things like that and then add on "and it really suits you mummy". I'm hoping I have a fashion designer in the making!

    Your son sounds adorable at 4 if he is saying that already

    What a cutie
  5. Your son sounds adorable!
    My son, also 4 years old, always wants to carry my handbags.
  6. lol- kids, gotta love em!!!!:heart:
    So cute - those boots sound like a definite keeper!:nuts:

    I was trying on outfits for my sisters wedding tomorrow, and i came downstairs sporting a dress, high heels and my mousse paddy....and jokingly asked my 4 yr old son if he was ready to go food shopping...:graucho:

    His reply...?

    'Mummy you're being ridiculous..:lol: We can't go shopping when you're wearing that dress!':shame:

    At least he didn't mind the bag!