My "Something Blue" Reveal!

  1. Hi ladies. Yes I am supposed to be on a bag ban I know. But so are many of don't judge me :P.

    Anyone ready for a reveal?
  2. The word 'BAN' is banned from my vocabulary/vernacular, so bring it on!! :smile:
  3. Yes please
  4. Yes!!!
  5. I am here, just in time.
  6. Alright lades! Here goes the first pic!
    photo 1.JPG
  7. I'm so excited for you!!
  8. :woohoo:here
  9. Here I'm :popcorn:
  10. Whatcha got?? :supacool:
    looks like a City....maybe PT??
  11. Anymore guesses? :graucho:
    photo 2.JPG
  12. Magjes you are so smart :P
  13. I'm here too.. canard???
  14. something dark night? :smile:
  15. Black PT??

    The question is - what is the hardware? :graucho: