My Somerset twins!

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  1. Photos of my Somerset shoulder bags, including my new oak baby. :yahoo:
    I have just fallen in love with this style and I hope Mulberry decide to make different colours. It is the perfect bag for me and I am smitten with both of mine.

    You will notice in the pics how the zips go in different directions. Also, neither bag is lined in the stripey fabric that others have mentioned, mine are just plain black and tan fabric. Both are from HOF, so there is no doubting the authenticity. I just think the zip direction is a bit quirky!

    Does anyone know if this has been done in colours other than black, choc, oak and white? Hopefully something bright that I can keep a lookout for!

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  2. Lovely ladyc - great when you find a style that really suits you!!
  3. I keep looking at them too and wish they made a deep green version. Love your twins!
  4. I have seen a burgundy version, or perhaps it was plum
  5. There were lots of nude coloured ones at bicester a few days ago. In the autumn there were plum coloured ones in the outlets (same colour as the somerset tote in my avatar)
  6. Ooooh plum sounds really nice! I will keep my eyes out.
  7. They're lovely, ladycornflake! And it's great that you've found a bag that suits you. Haven't seen them in other colours. But plum sounds nice (green would be nice too).
  8. Congrats Lady C! I've seen the nude version on Evilbay and thought they looked lovely too, maybe a bit delicate though...
    Your twins look fab and great to hear that you found a style you love!
  9. Congrats on two lovely bags!
  10. Looks so cute side by side - I saw Jo's at Bicester, it's such understatement yet perfect bag! Congrats!!
  11. wow both a fab i am really starting to love that bag might get a choccy one
  12. They are lovely Ladycf! I wish I'd bought one of these in black rather than my Joel, they're so reasonable in the sale too but I'm all spent out :sad:
    I have the smaller version in choc with the leather strap and silver h/w and it's the perfect little bag, love it. I know the smaller ones came in red and apple, both were yummy!
  13. I have the mini pouch & NS Tote in a lovely scarlet red (pebbled?) leather - I think they did it in Red for the Shoulder bag also.
  14. #14 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    :nuts: Red???? I would LOVE red!!!
    Maybe I will start ringing the outlets every week to find a multi-colour family.

    My black bag and I just got caught out in a downpour and she is good as new! Love her!
    In fact, I like this style so much I am going to get the North South tote in chocolate....if I can find it! I hate loving all of these bags that are now impossible to find!
  15. Isn't that always the way though?