My "someone kick me" ebay purchase update...with pics! Oh, headband pics too.

  1. A few weeks ago I posted on here the crazy eBay auction that I won which I had apparently placed a bid on in my sleep since I could not recall it. I was quite nervous as to how the item would be since the seller had some questionable feedback. bag arrived and I :heart: it!!! This is simply such a cute bag and it is just so so ME. There is a little bit of wear along the one seam but I will try to clean that up with a nail file or suede cleaner and it really isn't so much that I wouldn't carry the bag. I may even try to get it professionally cleaned one day (need to find a trusted cleaner first!). But I cannot get over how I seriously LOVE this bag. The inside is signature lined (very clean thank goodness!) and as a bonus, it seems that the strap is reversible-it's leather on one side and suede on the other. Did I mention how much I love this bag?!

    It's really a steal considering that I paid $50 shipped. So I just wanted to update and share. Thanks for all the well wishes girls, your good vibes paid off!! Here are the pics:


    I'm also including some other pics in here just for fun of my little Coach collection ;) Sorry for the huge pics, I don't know how to size them!
  2. Love the bag, love the headband!!! Congrats!!
  3. AH-DORABLE bag!

    How did you do that with the headband?

    Oh, I'm in love with that bag. What a STEAL!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Cute pics! Congrats on your bag... and I LOVE your headband... :yes:
  5. Thanks :smile: The headband is already like that with the bow and all. All I did was to tie the headband under my hair like I do with ponytail scarves.
  6. I want that headband!!!!!
  7. Nice bag. Loveee the color.
  8. I am starting to did the headbands! super cute
  9. what a deal, love the color.
  10. wow!
    beautiful, congrats.
  11. Congrats on your purchase, great deal. Love the bag. The headband looks good on you too, the color is very pretty, summery. Enjoy.
  12. Great finds! I really like the scarf with the polka dots. Don't you love the headband? I almost feel like minnie mouse when I wear mine cuz the bow is so perfect
  13. Great bag and the headband looks so cute on you!
  14. I love seeing bags I have not seen before....eBay can be a good thing sometimes!! CUTE
  15. Cute bag and the headband looks great on you!