My Solution to Keeping Inside of My H Bags Clean

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  1. Does anybody use a bag liner? Maybe everybody already knows about it(!), but I think this product -- "VIP Intelligente" has been in the market for a while, but I think it's perfect for trying to keep the inside of a bag clean (particulary for the Bolide where the leather inside is really prone to scratches). Another selling point is that it makes switching bags easier since theoretically all of your purse contents are in the liner...

    Here is a link where you can find more information about this product.

    VIP Classic Handbag Liner

    Here is one that I am currently using and how it fits within a 30 Birkin. It's a pretty good fit actually (it comes in different sizes, btw)


  2. Oooh, they have it in PINK!!!!! Hm ... they can make good makeup bags too ... Thank you for the link, Tokyogirl. This can come in pretty handy.:yes:
  3. Kou,

    Certainly you are consistent in your passion for pink! :flowers: I would have actually picked pink too, but it wasn't available in the store from where I bought it.

    As I said, there are different sizes so make sure you select the right size for your bag.
  4. I like the color on your organizer! It looks very lightweight too.

    Was considering this BagMate for my stuff but hesitate since it looks quite a bit bulkier...
    Handbag and Purse Organizers: Bagmate
  5. Tokyogirl, I like yours!!! ORANGE! :heart: :love:

    btw, your thread reminds me of something I've seen on Mika's Blog...can you help me translate what it says in this picture? Thanks very much! :flowers:
    inner bag for Birkin.jpg
  6. Gigi,

    It says:

    It's a Hermes Plus Original [transl. note -- maybe Hermes plus is the name of Mika's store?] -- limited edition of 100. Not sold anywhere else in Japan. It's made out of jelly bag material. Comes in Pink or White. Price of 9800 yen [transl. note -- approx. $80?!]; Just size for 30
  7. That looks like a real neat product too, but I personally wouldn't use all the different compartments.
  8. Thank you very much, Tokyogirl! :flowers:
  9. I am not too sure how I feel about these.

    I do think it is a nice concept, but I don't think I would use one. One of the reasons I purchase Hermes is to be able to see the gorgeous interior. It is another one of those finer touches that other bags do not have.

    It actually makes me happy each and every time I look inside at the detailing. Sure, I worry I may scratch it or something, but that is part of usage.

    I suppose if I had several birkins and I do change bags a great deal it may be nice. Right now, I am not fortunate enough.
  10. :yes:
    :yes: :yes: ditta
  11. Wow, this is a GREAT idea :nuts:!!! Just what I've been looking for !! It is very neat and handy when switching bags to bags, and I love how they have many compartments for small accessories, so stuffs in my bag can be more organized ! Thanks !:P
  12. i think its a great idea!!!
  13. wow. this is a great idea. a couple questions:

    1. which one (VIP or bagmate) will fit both the 30 birkin and 32 kelly?
    2. what color is sage (from VIP classic)?

  14. I use a purseket to keep my bags organized. (well, as organized as I can be) They come in sizes that will fit a 30cm, 35cm & 40cm Birkins. They have a new product that will fit inside a Kelly, but I have not seen it IRL.

    Purseket - Organize your Pocketbooks, Purses and Bags
  15. I just bought a Purseket also (for my LV Speedy). :flowers: