My Soho Stripe restoration project *PICS*

  1. I know someone else did this a while back, but I picked up this soho striped tote on eBay last week and it was a mess. I cleaned it up the way they did.. putting the whole bag in water with woolite and scrubbing with mr. clean magic erasers.

    She is still not perfect, but there is a great improvement.. there was one pink stain on the bottom that I couldnt get out... And the leather will never be that light again but it's still not bad for 35.00+ shipping.:p

    link to eBay auction..

    Drilldown link..
    DSCN1655.JPG DSCN1665.JPG DSCN1662.JPG
  2. You really did an amazing job bringing that poor bag back to life! :tup:
  3. Wow! I'm impressed! You did a super job!!
  4. WOW :wtf: You did a great job!!! :tup:
  5. HOLY COW you did an ahhhmazing job!!!! :tup:
  6. Wow, what an amazing transformation! And a GREAT deal you ended up with! Congratulations!!
  7. I'm super impressed! GREAT job!
  8. Good job! It looks great!
  9. Gorgeous bag! You should start a designer bag restoration business!
  10. Amazing!! Did you mean you submerse the whole entire bag with leather trim and all in WATER?!

    I am just so surprised that the leather didn't get discolored. You did an awesome job!!!
  11. Wow, great job! It looks practically brand new!
  12. wow great job! i washed my scribble tote a couple weeks ago- submerging it into woolite/water, but i scrubbed it with my hand, i bet that magic eraser would have worked better!
  13. when i washed my scribble i submerged the whole thing in the bath tub( it was the only way!)
    but as soon as it dried i slothered the leather in moisturizer, and it's fine.
    i was scared at first but then i thought- if i paid this much for this bag- it should be made with the best materials and be able to sustain a little washing... and it did!
  14. If I'm not mistaken the leather on these is Vachetta & will darken over age anyway.
  15. Looks great!