My Soft Gray Magnolia Arrived!!

  1. Yay!!! Introducing my second magnolia Miss Soft Gray. I was thinking she was going to be a very light gray but to my happiness she is a darker shiny Gray almost Mocha colored..I am really loving both these bags.:biggrin:


  2. Congrats on the Soft Gray Magnolia! Both of your new Magnolias are beautiful!
  3. Beautiful Gray bag. I love the Magnolia. My favorite bag in the world. Congratulations, and I see the purple one trying to hide in the background. She's is perfection. Enjoy your bags. THey are wonderful.
  4. Congrats on your magnolias! They are both so pretty!
  5. Thank You ladies..I am loving these bags. The quality is AMAZING!
  6. Ooh.. the grey looks so soft but that burgundy one is such a lovely pop color!

  7. Beautiful!
  8. It's so pretty! The leather looks supple and smooshy :love: Such a great color, too. I could see myself carrying it to work M-F!
  9. Oh, I love your Magnolia bags! They are both gorgeous. What is the official colour of the juicy plum/crimson one?

    I just picked up my very first Magnolia today (regular size, charcoal). I love it! It's so much nicer than what I even expected. Now there's a pre-loved Grey Shine on eBay which is pretty tempting...
  10. I think that's the purple.
  11. Oooh, that purple looks darn good in that photo! Sort of rich & deep like merlot/purple, kwim?

  12. Hi,
    That is the Purple one from Aster Alice. :smile:
  13. Loving your Magnolias!! I am thinking of getting the bordeaux.