My SO finally arrived!

  1. So my special order birkin finally arrived. It is chevre mysore in turquoise with gold hardware. 30cm I tried to take a picture with my computer. It comes out looking like blue jean but I had to give it a shot. I will try to post pics of my silky pop and evelyne later on in this thread.

    It took about a year for my SO to arrive. The order was placed last July.
  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait......
  3. Congrats! I can't wait to see the gorgeous photos!:yahoo:
  4. Congrats!! Hurry up and post pictures...LOL!
  5. Sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see photos :nuts:
  6. YES PLEASE i have to run back to my company !!! :smile:)))
  7. Here it is
    IMG00001 (3).jpg
  8. OOOOH Gorgeous CONGRATULATIONS :yahoo: beautiful...
  9. It's beautiful. Congratulations.
  10. OMG, Nathansgirl1908, It is so beauuuuuutifuuuuul!
    It is totally worth the wait. Congrats! :heart::heart::tup:
  11. It looks FABULOUS!!!:heart: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  12. Congrats to you!
  13. Here is the silky pop. And thanks ladies for all the congratulations!!!
    IMG00004 (6).jpg
  14. I love tur. chevre mysore! congrats!
  15. Lovely! Congrats!