My SO Damier Ebene Galliera Was At the Store for 4 Weeks with No Call!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to vent and see if this has happened to everyone else as I'm a little annoyed with LV right now.

    In September I SOed the a Galliera PM in Ebene. I understood that it was suppose to take 6 months for the bag to be made but I've been seeing a lot of posting advising that many people were getting theirs in 4-5 months. When I ordered the bag the SA advised that once the bag ships from Paris she'd give me a call to advise as to when they'd expect it to arrive at the store.

    So next week I am going on vacation and was not going to have access to my cell phone. I'd figured I give the store a call today in case it comes in during that time so they would know I would not be around to pick it up.

    When I called the store they told me it had been in for about 4 weeks and was wondering when I was planning to pick it up. I explained that no one had called me to tell me it came in. Apparently the SA that I ordered it from was on disability and would have been the one following though. However you would think if someone was out they would cover her orders.

    When I got to the store to pick it up they were actually kinda rude and made a comment that it was about time I picked up the bag. I'm really debating whether I should reach out to the manager on this. I dropped almost $1,600 on this purchase and did not really appreciate that they didn't follow through on the sale. There wasn't even an apology for not calling me when it came in. Has anything similar happened to anyone else? Do you think it's worth a letter to the manager?

    On a side note the bag is awesome...
  2. At least the bag is awesome!!
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    Yes, you should definitely complain! But the bag is AWESOME! Congrats!
  4. If I were you, I would definitely call and complain. You shouldn't be treated like that!
  5. Complain! As far as I'm concerned, rude SAs are just beggars and they should be grateful that u are givin' them ur money! They deserve ur complaint !
  6. that was rude of them. By the way, Congrats,I love damier :smile:
  7. Thanks for the feedback!...I'm usually not one to complain but I really think that this was handled poorly...if they would have at least apologized it would have been fine!
  8. I think, if it were me, that I would talk to the manager. There is no excuse for rude behaviour from an SA in my opinion. And the manager deserves to know what kinds of employees he/she has.
    Congrats on your bag though, I bet it's pretty!
  9. Thats rediculous! I would be so mad! Although theres only so much a complaint would do.....

    I see you are in NJ... which store was this??
  10. The most upsetting part is that I could have had this bag 4 weeks ago! It was the Short Hills store
  11. call the manager or even their boss. while the SA should have reached out to another SA you mentioned she was out on disability. this could have been a planned or UNplanned disability. for this reason i blame management. the store manager should have appointed someone to handle your SA's customers. if they did & your case fell through the cracks the manager needs to know about it. im sure you would hate another to be in your shoes but unless they know there is a problem how can it be fixed?

    oh & your bag is TDF!!!
  12. I agree! It sounds like it's managements fault!

    Congrats on your Damier Galliera!
  13. I think it's definitely worth reaching out to the manager - I cannot tolerate attitude, and it shouldn't matter whether it's at McDonalds, or Louis Vuitton. You are their customer, and they should value your business. :s
  14. Most definitely complain, rudeness like that shouldn't have to be tolerated. Glad you're loving bag regardless.
  15. you should complaint.