my so-called expat life gets an orange epsom birkin

  1. hey guys, just read on : tips on how to acquire a birkin

    my so called expat life

    just cute, that's all. is she a PFer? :flowers:
  2. OMG! I'm happy for her, but while the rest of us are hoping and waiting and scheming, it boggles the mind that there're soooo many lucky people out there who can waltz in and get their dream bag in an easy afternoon <gasp> :nuts: In the past I only knew eBay can give instant Birkin gratifications but it's always higher than retail price. Now I obviously need a ticket to China :hysteric: :lol:
  3. ^^YES indeed! And so pretty too!
  4. Thanks Pazt & Sue!!! :flowers:

    wooo-hoooo Accessorize*me, where are you???? :wlae:

    You look so cute & happy posing outside Hermes with your big orange Hermes paper bag! :heart: well...who doesn't look like this when you just scored a Birkin???!!!:yahoo:
  5. ^^hehehe! Yeah, she's all smiles! I was looking thru some of the archives as well and I just love all those glorious pics!

    Accessorize*me, may I ask how tall you are? Just looking at you and your fab black 30 birkin!
  6. Good eye! I think that is her and her pics. Accessorize*me, you are so cute!!!
  7. That is so cute. You look beautiful with your bag.:nuts:
  8. That was soo cute! And the bag is beautiful.
  9. You found me!!!:lol: ...I'm 5"2! The 30cm fits better but the 35cm is more striking!:yes:

    Thanks guys!!! I'm just really lucky...:P and happy!:yahoo:
  10. Accesorize*ME ,

    YOU are sooooo cute!! :love:
  11. TEE HEE! You're too kind missbabydolce...just my silly travel/shopping blog. :shame:
  12. AM! Your amazing! The way you discribed everything! Perfect. I will continue to visit your blog.

    OH! congrats!!!!
  13. Hi there, I couldn't find Leighton Plaza on the list of Hermes Boutiques on the Hermes website. Could you tell me which shop it was? Thanks!