my so-called "collection" haha

  1. im still studying THUS my mini collection. i love vintage bags and im lucky to have a grandma who was a bag hag. haha.

    bag hag 006.jpg
    Speedy 30

    bag hag 018.jpg

    bag hag 019.jpg

    bag hag 017.jpg

    bag hag 020.jpg

    bag hag 021.jpg

    bag hag 022.jpg

    bag hag 008.jpg
  2. my evening bags and clutches
    bag hag 001.jpg

    bag hag 005.jpg
    Aranaz coco "sarimanok"

    bag hag 007.jpg
    Aranaz wristlet

    bag hag 011.jpg
    Aranaz rattan clutch.(my friend owns the beautiful bag salon)

    bag hag 009.jpg
    vintage from grandmama

    bag hag 012.jpg
    moss pink lace clutch

    bag hag 014.jpg
    vintage from grandma

    bag hag 015.jpg
    again, from grandma

    bag hag 016.jpg
    this one's from her again but i dont think it's vintage

    bag hag 023.jpg
    Celine clutch
  3. bag hag 024.jpg
    Celine mock croc

    bag hag 025.jpg
    Mango perforated bag

    bag hag 026.jpg
    Vintage-esque jackie o. bag

    bag hag 027.jpg
    Celine mini-chrome clutch (which can just fit a lipstick and well, tissue)

    bag hag 028.jpg
    Clutch with dragon fly detail

    bag hag 029.jpg
    From grandma

    bag hag 030.jpg
    silver no-name clutch

    bag hag 031.jpg
    From strands bag, australia

    bag hag 032.jpg
    White Envelope clutch

    bag hag 033.jpg
    Chinese take-out mini-bag. haahah
  4. bag hag 034.jpg
    HAHA!! i got this for a steal. it has multi-colored bugs in it.
  5. bag hag 041.jpg
    Lancel Bucket bag

    bag hag 035.jpg
    Esprit Leather Bag (oh so roomy!!)

    bag hag 036.jpg
    Italian leather bags (Hilly)

    bag hag 045.jpg
    Tocco Beige handbag

    bag hag 043.jpg
    Oran Leather Sling Bag from Australia

    bag hag 044.jpg
    A no-namer from Hong Kong

    bag hag 037.jpg
    Mango leather biker bag

    bag hag 042.jpg
    Another no-namer from the streets of hk

    bag hag 040.jpg
    For my rebel days..haha...from Australia

    bag hag 039.jpg
    A brocade and snakeskin bag from my neigbor's rummage sale. it looks fug in this pic but the picture deceives people. ahahah.
  6. Very nice! You're lucky to have such a sweet grandma.
  7. Great collection! Yay, Grandma! I love the tiny little Celine! Too cute! Thanks for the pictures!
  8. You have a very unique collection! Great evening bags!
  9. Great collection! :love:
  10. Nice collection ... love:love: all your evening bags! Your grandma has great taste!
  11. nice collection
    keep up the good work
  12. I love your evening bags/clutches, especially the very small ones!
  13. Nice! What a great grandma, lol. That Tocco Beige is beautiful!
  14. Very nice collection! I love the one with the multicoloured ladybugs - just adorable! :biggrin:
  15. Your evening clutches are adorable! I love your collection!!!