My SO Cabas Mezzo Damier pics...

  1. and a dilemma. :sad:

    I am such an idiot.

    I am not sure that I like this bag. :shrugs: I know, I know...all the hype involved with the SO and all....but I am just not feeling the love. Wahhhhh. :crybaby:

    I'll refresh you all on the story of how I happened upon ordering this bag. For my 40th back in April, I purchased the Saleya MM. (the middle size Saleya). I loooooooved it! BUT, when I was carrying it around the house, the bottom of it seemed to be bulky right where it landed on my side and where my arm laid on it when my arm was down.

    I hemmed and hawed about it...and then decided to return it and SO the Cabas Mezzo in Damier. I figured it was similar in style, but it hangs a bit lower so the bulkiness was not an issue.

    I picked up the bag last Sunday and even then I knew that something was amiss as I didn't get all excited when I saw it. It was kind of like, oh, here it is. Ho hum. It just doesn't have the "cool & hip" appeal that the Saleya has. I love the rolled handles vs. the flat straps, I love the chunkier hardware vs. the more sedate style on the Mezzo.

    The one and only thing I didn't love on the Saleya was how it hung on me. But now I am wondering if that one thing can't be overlooked considering how I feel about the Mezzo. Don't get me wrong, the Mezzo is a beautiful bag, it just seems so much more reserved and fancy vs. the Saleya being more "me."

    I am torn as what to do. I just have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I made a huge mistake.

    I can still return the Mezzo and get a credit for the 1st 50% deposit (non-refundable) and get a credit back to my charge card for the 2nd 50% balance I paid last Sunday.


    I will included pics of the Saleya that I had and returned, as well as the pics I took tonight of the Mezzo.

    Hubby is telling me to hurry up and get to bed (it's 1 AM here) so I apologize in advance for any typo's I didn't get to correct. :P

    PS~ sorry for the color of some of the Mezzo pics, I'm not really good at taking digital pics at night. :shrugs:
    LV3P4240634.JPG LV4P4240637.JPG LV5P4240638.JPG LV6P4240639.JPG LVCMP8130825.JPG LVCMP8130826.JPG LVCMP8130827.JPG LVCMP8130828.JPG
  2. wow it looks fantastic! But if you arent happy with it then definitely return it!
  3. I agree!
  4. You should go with whatever you feel you would use the most and you should feel that you cant live without it.:flowers:
  5. I wanted to add that I also have the Speedy 30 in Damier...which of course has the rolled handles as well.

    If I were to decided on the Saleya, both bags would be somewhat similar. If I decide on the Mezzo, there would be more of a difference between the two.

  6. I like the look of the SO mezzo as it is a really stunning bag:yahoo: I also had the same issue when I tried on the saleya MM and it was one of the reasons I decided against purchasing it Also remember the saleya MM will ALWAYS be in stock. If you don't think you will love it then return it.
  7. IMO, there really doesn't seem to be much difference between the Saleya and the Mezzo. The sides of the Saleya just seem to be flared out more and the Mezzo has a different bottom. Otherwise, I tend to see the same basic style of bag.
    I think the main question I'd ask is what is it about the Mezzo that makes you feel that it's more fancy? Personally, I like the Mezzo because the straps are more comfortable since they aren't rolled like the Saleya's.
    But anyway, if you REALLY feel that you don't want the bag any longer, return it. I love the way it looks and I'd keep it. But if it's not exactly what you want, return it.
  8. I personally much prefer the Mezzo but if you don't love it, definitely return it- someone would be thrilled to find an SO bag for sale without having to wait!
  9. i looooove the mezzo. but as everyone said its what you prefer. if you get the saleya back are you going to be bothered by the same thing that made you return it in the first place? if it were me i'd keep the mezzo, its unique, and definitely more comfy on the shoulder and at your side.
  10. So sorry you don't love the Mezzo :sad: . I think you're having post SO letdown...

    If you didn't like the way the Saleya hung the first time around, you probably won't be happy with it if you rebuy it. And you will lose so much money if you return the Mezzo so why not keep it and try it out. If you find it doesn't work for you, there's always ebay.
  11. Wow, I love the Mezzo :love:
    But if you're not 100% happy w/ it, then you should return it.
  12. Damier Mezzo-- so cute! Here's a reminder :choochoo:

  13. I love both:smile:
    I found a s/o damier mezzo on ebay a while ago and was admiring it :love:
  14. Hey Bjara ! Yay, pictures !

    As to your dilemma.. I would buy what makes you the most happy. It seems like damier mezzo isn't doing that for you right now, and neither is the saleya. Have you considered the chelsea ?
  15. Beyonce's bag is Alto.:smile:

    Bjara, the bag is really nice but if you feel that it's too similar looking to other bags you own or you simply don't LOVE it and you won't wear it as much, return it and get something you really like. IMO, mezzo is smoking HOT in damier!
    Good luck with your decision!