My SO/BF came back from Nice with some Azur!! Yeah!

  1. My boyfriend just got back from Nice, France last night and brought me back LV. I was late to pick him up at the airport and he threatened that I wouldn't get to have my new baby because I was 30 min late. :crybaby: I made faces and whined. Told him how I went back and forth to his house while he was away, bought food for his fridge and did well in my exams. In any case, he missed me enough and handed her over. :yahoo:

    He lovingly brought it home, squashed in his backpack, not in his suitcase to ensure it made the flight to its new home. (He was scared that a terrible airport employee may steal it with a connection in Frankfurt and then Calgary.) She is my first piece to be bought in France. I hope to add more when my boyfriend's mom goes again December. I'm thinking of a wallet or cles to match.

    Here she is, my brand new beautiful Damier Azur Speedy 30! The best part was that from my list of purses and wallets, he had many choices available. BTW, there wasn't a waitlist for her, she was right there on display! He told me they had several in stock and I received a fresh one from the stock room. She is a tad wrinkled from her flight, but I've taken her out shopping already in the less than 24 hrs since I've received her. She is TDF! :jammin:



  2. congrats..your SO is so sweet!
  3. yay congrats! what a wonderful bf!!!
  4. Fabulous!! Your BF is so thoughtful! He looks like a keeper to me! Congratulations on your new Azur --- she's gorgeous!
  5. wow! gorgeous1 look at that pale vachetta! congrats!
  6. :drool: at the vachetta! My Azur is already tan :shame: Congrats on the new bag and on such a sweet bf!!!
  7. Congrats- she's a beauty! That's so sweet of your bf!
  8. Great gift! Sounds like you deserved it. Enjoy your beautiful Azur.
  9. Congrats! I love the azur!
  10. What a sweet BF! Congrats on getting your azur speedy! It is so pretty.
  11. Enjoy the speedy =)
  12. Oh how awesome! Congrats on the new bag!
  13. Beautiful bag, great boyfriend!
  14. :wlae: thats a sexy bag!
  15. What a sweet BF! Congrats!!!