My SO and Coach

  1. I don't know if this is the best place for a story but it involves a purse and everyone needs to laugh once in awhile.

    A few years ago, I went on a double date with my dh (was my bf at the time) and a friend of mine and her bf. We went to one of those places where you go up to make your stir fry and they cook it for you. Well, my dh just ordered something from the regular menu and was the only one not going up.
    When we got back, my friend moved her purse (some black coach demi that I don't remember what it was anymore) my dh said "Oh, sorry if that is slightly wet, I had to bring it to the bathroom with me." We all stared at him with out mouths open for a minute. One of us finally asked him what he was talking about.
    "I had to really go to the bathroom and you all were taking too long and I saw her purse sitting there and didn't want to leave it out in the open, so I brought it with me.", he said. He told us how he put it on the sink next to him. When I asked him if he got any funny looks, he said not until the guy in the stall came out and saw it while he was washing his hands.
    At this point we all started laughing and then I thought about it and asked him why he didn't bring mine with him. I then point to the purse under my jacket (a black optic flap that was brand new at the time) and he said he didn't even know it was there. I glared at him for a minute but the whole thing was too funny to get mad at him.
    We all decided (aside from my hubby) that my friend would bring her pink D&B with her next time.

    This was one of those things that my dh did that made him a keeper. Also, it helps that he lets me dress him up in cute costumes for Halloween and loves the attention. (see sig).

    If anyone else has a SO story with their purse, please share.
  2. haha too funny, is that your DH in your sig pic?
  3. Yep. I bought him a lion costume and I dressed up as a lion tamer. No guy I ever dated would have agreed to that, but he was a mascot for some team in Alberta for a year and just loves the attention of being a big furry animal.
  4. OMGosh that is just too funny and way too cute! He certainly is a keeper!! Love the photo!
  5. Oh, btw, he said "Roar!" as I took this pic.
  6. So cute! Such a great DH -- congrats! And thanks for the cute story!
  7. lol OMG that IS a great story! your DH Is a keeper! Not many guys would dress up as a lion for anything!!
  8. too cute of a story!!!
  9. Thanks everyone. Not many guys would bring a purse into the bathroom with them either.
  10. VERY wise man!!!
  11. omg, that is too funny!

    so i know this is going to sound really stupid, but i keeping seeing it everywhere and i was wondering. What is a DH?
  12. What a sweet story!! I think my DH (which means dear husband, darling husband or damn husband, depending on the context!!) would bring the purse to the bathroom with him since he's as obsessed with coach as I am!!!
  13. LOL! Cute story - of course, for a second I thought he was going to say that the bag was wet b/c he used it to pee in (as a joke, of course) - THAT is something my eternally sarcastic dh would do.

    I love the pic of him in the costume too!
  14. Too funny......he's definitely a keeper!!
  15. LMAO, what a great story! I love the pic of your lion hubby too!