my snoring spaniel

  1. i have a 12 year old english cocker spaniel and in the last yeaar shes started to snore really loudly. she sleeps downstairs and i can hear her from my room. i asked the vet and he said not to worry but its kinda anoying now(it was only cute for about 1 night).
    does anyone elses dog snore? is it common in spaniels?
  2. Well I have a 3-year-old cocker spaniel and she's snored ever since I adopted her over a year ago. She doesn't snore every night though. And some nights are worse than others.:p
  3. My parents have a seven year old Cavalier KC Spaniel, and he sounds like a freight train when he's asleep. It's supposedly due to the way that their noses have been shortened by breeding or something
  4. I have a 6 year old Dachsund that snores and OMG!! It aggravates me SOOOOO bad b/c he also does this things in his throat! Uggh! He usually stays w/ me but lately I've been putting him in the Foyer!! Poor thing! I think he hates me now!