my snakskin dragon bamboo chain retail? *pic*

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I usually burrow in the LV forum but I cannot forget my first love of Gucci. I just received my turquoise snakeskin dragon flap with bamboo chain from eBay (at an awesome deal, i might add :wtf: ) and am wondering the retail price. I have the plain one (regular gold pebble grained leather with gold circular bamboo bangle instead of the dragon) and it was $1,290 so I believe my new one is much more expensive.

    The bag is brand new and I had purchased it for $1,350 shipped from eBay seller *reeves007*

    eBay Seller: reeves007: Women's Clothing, Women's Accessories, Handbags items on

    She has so many neat stuff. The bag was orignally listed for $1695.00 but since it didn't sell I had worked with her. She's great! I definitley recommend her! :heart:

    Without further adieu; here is my new bag!
  2. That bag is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  3. Wow, what a beauty! Congrats on your bag! sorry, don't know the retail on this, but it must be a lot for snakeskin!
  4. What a beautiful bag, must be prettier in person, love the color, do you wear it more with casual outfits or dressy
  5. that looks stunning! with a black dress, nicee.
  6. Congratulations! WOW! That bag is not only a head turner but IMO it is a fantastic collectors item. STUNNING!
  7. What a knockout bag! I thought i saw a gold version for over 3k a while back. I love the color on yours. congratulations!
  8. Wooooooooow, thats from Tom Fords last collection for Gucci! I believe the "Cheapest" bag from that collection was at least $2000! The Croc bags from that collection was to die for. Winter of 05??
  9. So gorgeous!!! LOVE the color!!!:tender:
  10. pretty!!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. What a beauty!
  13. WoW!!!! That is a beauty!! Wear did you get it? :heart: Emmy
  14. thanks for all of the compliments! it is a very dressy bag and i prefer the flap style much more than my gold one which only has a magnetic button closure.
  15. gorgeous!! love it!