My smooshy, & yummy Hobo - pics

  1. I just got this bag yesterday and thank you "E". :yahoo:The leather on this bag is unbelievable and it is so smooshy that when i set it down on the floor it clapses. I never thought i would like the Hobo style but i have to tell you this style is awsome when it is broken in and stuffed with your things. :tup:It is a great every day bag and much easier to reach out for your things than the Day style. Enjoy the pics. :smile: Jessica Stam did it.:p
    IMG_3963 (2).JPG IMG_3969 (2).JPG dsc00288[1] (3).jpg Jessica%20Stam%20Bbag.jpg
  2. NICE.

    This color combo looks rock n' roll. Modeling pic pretty please!

    I've always debated this style....
  3. AWESOME bag Nanaz! :tup:At first I didn't like this style..but it is starting to grow on me. I like that it is easier to reach in to than the day. Congrats and thanks for sharing! :yes::heart:
  4. Thanx, great pics!Really cool bag!:tup:
  5. Congratulations!! The Hobo style is awesome!!
  6. Thank you ladies. :love:Modeling pics coming up soon.:yes:
  7. Beautiful leather, congrats!!! :tup: Yay, modeling pics!!!
  8. ahhh that IS yummy!
  9. I kinda never gave the Hobo a chance, thinking that I would prefer the Day. But for some reason looking at your pics it just clicked and I think the Hobo would actually be a better size for me!! Now I have to have one!!!!
  10. I think the hobo is a fabulous bag- especially after I tried it on once at shrise. To me, it seems the perfect size, and i love the look. Yours is STUNNING. Though I'm not a GH fan, I love the black and gold combo.
  11. Congrats! I love it!!
  12. i want to buy a hobo as well..
    yours is grogerous!!!!!!
  13. 00o0o0o HOT!!! :o)
  14. I have this bag with the silver GH. I love it!! You are rocking your bag!!
  15. Aw sweetie - it's so yummy!