My smooshy perfect Blue India coin purse is here!

  1. The leather on this is out of this world (thanks fashion-cult, you're the best!) How did I ever live w/out this sweet little baby? I posted apic of it next to my FB city for color comparison also.

  2. I love both!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh it's so cute! Beautiful, congratulations!
  4. Shasta girl you've been busy. ;) I love that little baby. She is so cute like you.:p Congrats.:yahoo:
  5. Shasta girl, it is adorable, congrats!!! :love:

    I can't take my eyes off the gorgeous leather of the blue bag in the background of the pic, is that French Blue? It is amazing!!!
  6. it's CUTE. i love ur FB city too!!!
  7. oh, so you snagged that little number! :cursing: i was after it as well - i'm getting a little addicted to accessories now! she is a beauty - enjoy! :yes:
  8. Shasta : love ur new BI coin's lovely esp the leather is so smooshy and i can imagine how u like that so much. Same for me, i love my 04 turquoise coin purse a lot....heheheheh
  9. very cute..nice leather!!! congrats
  10. Shasta... how amazing is the leather!

    Glad you like her... she was/ is a gorgeous little peice of Balenciaga!

    Enjoy :heart:
  11. It's so cute and little. Very adorable.
  12. :yahoo:That coin purse is so cute!!
    And soooo smooshy :drool:
  13. SUPER CUTE! I love Bbag accessories! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  14. Cute..I love smooshy leather!!
  15. Wow how cute and squashy is she!!! Congrats