My small tokidoki collection

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  1. Here's my small tokidoki collection. I'm sort of new to this forum since i haven't really introduce myself and i wanna show my small collection anyways. I hope i got a good deal on my citta rose and notte dolce!

    1. Citta rose bocce at $20 on sale

    2. Notte Dolce at $32 on sale, not a very good print but it was at least a good price?

    3. Transporto Zucca at regular price $184 plus tax.
    Thanks for looking. Critize or comment on my bag as you like lolz! :smile:
  2. aw, i love em.. my vacanze zucca should arrive soon, hopefully. cant wait for the zucca style!! =) and those ARE good deals... where on earth do you shop! let me in!
  3. I want to know too!!
  4. Thanks yall!!! I got them on sale, lolz at the mall!
  5. i love your citta rose bocce! what a great find. cute collection :biggrin:
  6. I love your zucca it has my perfect placement with the scuola and its cute characters on top and the big Sandy balloon in the middle at the bottom. :tup: I saw one like it in a store once but I decided to pass because I was saving money for my vacanze.
  7. at $20 the bocce is a steal! i never heard of anyone finding something so cheap, esp in a retail location.
  8. THanks lol! I was aiming for the scuola and that big sandy ballon lolz! :smile: