My small tokidoki collection

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    Hi all! Here's a pic of my tokidoki collection. I got a great deal on these thanks to Macys :wlae:.

    Citta Bocce: 40ish
    Pirata & L'amore Gioco: 130ish
    Spiaggia Canguro: 70ish
  2. Oh wow, your collection is so cute! You have awesome bags - I especially love the citta bocce, and the amore gioco! So pretty :yes: :tup:
  3. great collection!!! :yes:
  4. Very cute collection ! :yes:
  5. Wow. Great deals!!!
    Cute collection Josie. I'm considering getting a Bocce myself. I love the airplanes on yours.
  6. Cute collection. Your Pirata Gioco has perfect front placement. I love those 2 pirates with the sparrows. They are so cute...:tup:
  7. cute collection..great deals too! :biggrin:
  8. thank you ^_^. my aunt gave me the citta bocce as a gift. she says she found it at Ross. what a crazy find!
  9. josie: love your citta bocce! too cute! and you aunt found it at ross??? i thought i was a good ross shopper until i read that! LOL!
  10. Great collection!:tup:
  11. JOSIE-LOVE YOUR COLLECTION! Your L'amore Gioco is TOO CUTE!!!

    WOW...TOKIDOKI at ROSS! what a good deal! Wish our ROSS her sold TOKIDOKI! Well I did purchase 2 Lesportsac Bags the usually cost $48, for $6.99 each at Ross.
  12. love the l'amore gioco! :tup:
  13. congrats Josie!!! awesome collection ... it's gonna grow in no time if you stay in this forum :lol:
  14. at ROSS! omg I've never heard of that. which ross was it??
  15. Awwwww your bocce has the evil blimp on it sooo cute

    i :heart: that blimp

    very cute collection :tup::tup::tup: