My small TJ Maxx purchase

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  1. I haven't been feeling well for the past few days and remained stuck at home resting. Today I felt a little better, still a slight headache, so I decided to go on a little shopping trip to TJ maxx. I spent an hour inside TJ maxx without finding anything that I liked (or could afford) I took one more look at the bag section; And I found this little baby hiding behind some Liz Claiborne purses:yahoo:. Without hesitation I grabbed it and bought it. It's a Michael Kors wristlet which would be perfect to house my digital camera.
  2. Cute!!
  3. shopping + cold meds= fun :graucho:

    Nice find!
  4. I never think of wristlets for techi gadgets... Nice bag by the way.
  5. nice find ! :nuts::nuts:
  6. Great item , Love the color:tup:
  7. Yay! - don't you just love finding something cute at TJMaxx??!!
  8. You have to dig, but there's some great finds at the Maxx. Congrats- had the same feeling finding a Lacoste makeup bag (I LOVE Lacoste!).
  9. How regular do you go? I noticed if I go more than once per week I see very little change in the stock. They dont get many bags delivered at ours.
  10. neat. i haven't seen this (or any other!) wristelt(s) at my tj's... great find!
  11. Great find! There was a great Michael Kors wallet at my TJMaxx tonight (all leather).
  12. glad your digital has a new home
  13. Great find :smile:
  14. Great find! I like it. The leather looks very nice! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Hope you little shopping excursion puts you on the track to better health!
  15. Lovely, I bet that made you feel better. well done.