My small ring collection..

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  1. 084A1C6E-B541-4B9F-B755-9E5E0C020C9C.jpeg thanks for letting me share, my small ring collection.
  2. Hardly small! You have lots of beautiful choices for different colors/outfits. And lots of pearls...lovely!
  3. So pretty! Will you identify them? I see pearls and diamonds..guessing aquamarine, tourmalines..zircon, tanzanite, pink sapphire? You should do some modeling shots too!
  4. If we were friends and lived close to each other, each time I visited you I would ask to see these and try them on! They are lovely, thank you for sharing.
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  5. Gorgeous collection - you have great taste! I would love to know more about the stone types, is the pink one a sapphire or tourmaline?
  6. Fabulous. Do you mind me asking some questions on middle ring/top row. I'm looking to get something similar, in my mind i'm looking for a triple band, yours looks like its double or is there another ring nestled in there? I love the style of your halo. Do you mind me asking is it cushion and what size. I'd love to see a mod shot and maybe a side view of setting. Thanks in advance, you are a lucky lady all the rings are amazing.
  7. They all quite lovely. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. 9BE264FC-AD69-4553-9A83-2EA97A444CD3.jpeg FA033EE2-FA52-4D83-AF60-787CFF3E8F0C.jpeg C1799970-BFDD-433A-A325-9D9A2B2F8204.jpeg AECA646C-AD59-4841-B656-C42B1656E4AD.jpeg
    Hi thanks, this is my wedding ring my husband gave me 19 years ago.. it’s a halo setting, the center stone is 2 carat IF, D color. GIA. I hope the pic closeup shows the side of the band. I love this ring. it’s size 6
  9. 3DFFA154-6F5C-4219-A5DD-56BECE6BC142.jpeg C1439DEC-29D8-4C3F-B907-323CD654A055.jpeg DD2F505D-A6B3-437A-BBE6-BB08C0AAFE58.jpeg
    Hi the pink is tourmaline with diamond setting. My newest addition is the tanzanite, love this stone, it’s 13 carat with diamond setting. Thanks
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  10. This is gorgeous! The setting is just crazy beautiful.
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