My small pink Heritage stripe tote came! But...

  1. I think I need the medium one instead...sigh....the bag is TOTALLY cute! But when I ordered it, I wasn't aware of the medium one (I only saw the small in the catalog). I just think the medium would be more of a match for me. I'm 5'8 160lbs...

    My little 3 1/2 year old LOVES!!!!!! it!!!! She thinks the horse and carriage on it is from Cinderella! :smile: How cute is that! :heart:

    So, tomorrow I will take it to my boutique and exchange her for the medium....and I will wait again for's the wait that kills me. :sad:

    Even though you have all seen this bag, I'll post mine in a sec...I am uploading the pics now.
  2. I have the medium sized one. It is a beautiful bag. The wait
    is worth it. Even my husband complimented me on my Heritage
    Stripe tote and believe me he does not notice much.
  3. Thanks for the input Liz! Could you tell me how much the medium one is? I don't see it anywhere on here...also, do you happen to know the dimensions on the medium?

    TIA!!!! :smile:
  4. Yes, I have the medium too. It's a good size. It's worth the wait! That is cute about your daughter! She has good taste! It does look like Cinderella! :girlsigh:
  5. Let's see if I can attach pictures....

    I think I need to resize....grrrrr....I'll try later...
  6. Here is my medium Heritage Stripe tote. It can fit quite alot inside.
    I love the medium size. I am not sure of the measurements but
    I would say it is close to 10" on the bottom 11" tall and about 3" in
    depth. Be patient and you will get the right bag.

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  7. I think the medium looks the the perfect size.
  8. OMG! That looks to be around the same size as my beloved black Hamptons tote... I didn't like that bag in the beginning because I only saw the large style which was just too big for me. Now that I see it comes in a size perfect for me... Ohhh boy. Can't wait to graduate college in May and move up to a manager at B&N!
  9. I'd love to see pic's.. thanks
    I hope you're able to return it and the size you want.
  10. 298. I thinked I blocked all of this info out on this bag when I had my disappointment on Monday but if you do a search I know the actual measurements of the medium have been posted. It's like 14x11x3 or something close to that... What are the measurements of the small one you received if you don't mind measuring?
  11. I love my Medium one and I think you totally will too! It is worth the wait!
  12. ah sorry, Tanukiki....I boxed it back up and begged my DH to go to Coach and exchange for the medium....

    I do know that I held it up against my sig stripe small tote and the bag itself was the same length and width, but the heritage stripe straps were about an inch shorter...and that's my main concern, I didn't like how it fit under my arm...I like to be able to swing the bag a little back and it just didn't feel "perfect" lol!

    I hope they let him use PCE for the exchange since I bought the small tote with PCE...???
  13. My 7 year old daughter loves it too. She also made the comment about Cinderella's cute;)
  14. that's really cute. I like how there's color!
  15. They should. The original SAs said they'd let me exchange for the large and still get PCE when I tried to tell them the bag wasn't right. Then I had to run home to get photographic evidence that I wasn't crazy (thanks Liz!!!) and run back to get someone to reorder the medium so hopefully I'll get the correct bag this time! :push: