My small PCE haul

  1. I went in today to return the medium zip around sig wallet, which I did not get with PCE (during PCE) at another boutique.

    I ended up with the Chelsea accordian zip around wallet in mineral, Tortoise Keri sunglasses, turtle key fob and watermelon charm!

    oh! and some Sig cleaner, haha

    They told me that I was eligible for the PCE and that I should have gotten a card in the mail. I didn't of course, so I am wondering if they tell everyone that. Nevertheless I am happy about it.

    I love the wallet!


    BTW, Everyone in the Houston area should go to the boutique in The Woodlands Mall! They were so much nice than some others I have been to.
  2. I used to live in Houston! (Sugarland area) I've been to
    Woodlands several times and they were super nice! We need pics of your goodies!!:tup:
  3. I LOVE that wallet!! Great haul!
  4. I love mineral! Congrats!
  5. very nice, post pics!
  6. Cool, post pics!
  7. Congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  8. Here are some pics!

    there is also a pic of my white hippie that I got about a month ago and my T charm that I got a week ago.
    added to my collection.JPG
  9. That's great...congrats!
  10. I love your wallet!
  11. Great stuff, congrats!
  12. the wallet!!
  13. i love that hippie! and the wallet is very beautiful:tup:
  14. Nice loot!! I love the wallet!!
  15. Great purchases! :tup: Congrats! :yahoo:The turtle is sooo cute! :cutesy: