My Small MP in Bordeaux is here!!

  1. Well I got this off eBay and she is in fabulous condition. I always had a phobia of eBay because of the fakes, but the authenticators made me confident that this was a good one (also the bag is from a trusted seller).

    I ALWAYS wanted a bag in bordeaux and then I got the MP. Although I love the bag I do have two issues: (1) I wish the small MP had feet. I think she looks a bit bare on the base does anyone else feel the same way? (2) the gold hw is starting to tarnish on a really small spot that no one can see except me. How do I stop it tarnishing further and can I touch up the tarnished spot?

    My pics aren't that great, so I don't think you can see how deep and rich the colour is. Anyway, enough gabbing from me, here are the pics:
    MJMP.1.jpg MJMP.2.jpg MPMJ.3.jpg MJMP.4.jpg MJMP.6.jpg
  2. WOW! Gorgeous bag !!!! I love this color on every bag I've seen!
    Congratulations and wear her well!
  3. Thank you lovekoobabags! I'll certainly treasure her!
  4. Lovely!! :heart: I'm also a BIG fan of Bordeaux. Congrats mh21!! :tup:
  5. So pretty!! Enjoy!!!
  6. purdy. i have one too ^_^
  7. Yay! Congrats!! I love the small MP.... I don't think it looks bare at the bottom at all. I think if it had feet, it would weigh the bag down more. As for the tarnishing, maybe you can try using a jewelry polishing cloth?
  8. beautiful bordeaux :heart: enjoy her!
  9. Oh yes, I recommend trying a jewelry polishing cloth too. I tried one on the nameplate of a bag I had and it worked really well!
  10. The bag is adorable, beautiful color!
  11. Looks fantastic. Lack of feet does not bother me. I sometimes dislike too much metal on a bag and since its a smaller bag it tends to look sleeker without the feet. Enjoy.
  12. Congrats, gorgeous bag I have one too, :heart: it and the lack of feet doesn't bother me at all, the small MP is beautiful without feet. :smile:
  13. Congrats! The color is really rich and TDF! :heart:
  14. The color is so LUSH. Congrats!
  15. Congrats! Love how deep that color is. It looks great with the silver hardware. The no feet doesn't bother me at all. I doubt you'll ever want to put her down anyways!