My Small Miu Miu Family!

  1. Hi,

    This is my 1st reveal here and I'm so excited to share these lovlies with you guys..

    I got the red clutch/shoulder bag from a Miu Miu boutique in Italy awhile ago and the gold one from NAP! (just arrived today!!!).. Love them so much!


  2. I love the red one! lovely!
  3. These are both gorgeous -- esp the red one!! :smile:
  4. ^ Thanks!

    The red one is now available on Mytheresa (the style I mean) in gold and silver! Back when I got mine it was also available in black, light grey and a pinkish nude color.. It also comes with a thin adjustable/removable shoulder strap :love:
  5. I love the red one!
  6. To echo what everyone else has already said, the red is divine. =]