My small LV purchases from Rome


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Sep 24, 2006
Lisboa, Portugal
Hi everyone,

I just got back from a few days in Rome and I couldn't help to make a stop at LV... So here are my new (small) items:
  • Key and Change Holder in Damier Canvas (I've been wanting one of this since a while back and after seeing every possible option at the store... Azur, Mono, Geant... I even consider Denim, I choose this one because I think it's classic and it goes well with my Damier Graphite "Marco" wallet);
  • and New York City Guide 2009 with slipcase (because I'm planning to go to New York in the Summer so I thought it was a good excuse to finally get a City Guide :P).


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Sep 25, 2006
Pacific NW
Super exciting to get something in Rome. I know if I were there I would have to get SOMETHING. And congrats on your upcoming NYC trip too!

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Jun 2, 2006
lovely souvenir pieces... how was Rome? not too cold? I wanna go back to Italy!!!.. and enjoy your trip to NYC...don't forget to drop by LV there.
Dec 12, 2006
you got the book :smile: - i lived in NY my entire life and was considering buying the book just to be a tourist in my own city!

congrats on your purchases

can you take some snapshots of the inside of the book - is there blank pages for notes?