My (small) LV collection

  1. hello ladies and gents.. i've finally gotten my epi small agenda in mandarine and my panda pochette today... so here's a photo of my small collection that i've been meaning to post.. :heart:

    special thanks to Lee69 for authenticating the pochette (i bought it in the LV store and had it authenticated again, and yep, it is authentic!) :yahoo:

    and also to Lola24 for the idea of using the agenda as a wallet too along with the cles.. :wlae:
    small collection.jpg
  2. Beautiful!
  3. very cute collection!!! congrats on the new agenda!!
  4. Very nice collection!
    I love the damier papillon!
  5. What a wonderful LV collection - thanks for the pix!
  6. :shame: ..Congrats fashionpop!!!!:yahoo: What a lovely family:love: . Love the Panda , it's TDF:girlsigh:
  7. You have a VERY nice collection!
  8. cute collection!
  9. thanks guys! am so happy i'm super hyper at the moment :yahoo:
  10. Great collection - very nice! :smile:
  11. i love the epi agenda!
  12. Very nice... love the papillon :love:
  13. That's a nice collection!
  14. awww i want the panda!!!loll great collection :biggrin:
  15. Very nice collection.