My small LV collection

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  1. Hello everybody..
    Just found out how to post pics so now U can see my small LV collection!

    White MC Bookmark
    White MC Key and Change Holder
    Black MC Coin Purse
    Black MC Boulogne
    Monogram Canvas Tikal PM
    LV bookmark.jpg mlv.jpg mlvpung.jpg blackmclvtaske.jpg tikalpm.jpg
  2. Oops forgot my LV bracelet
    I don't know just why but I never use it... I'm thinking about selling it...

    Black MC S Lock Bracelet
    lv bracelet.jpg
  3. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing it!!
  4. oh, i love your collection, i also prefer my lv's in smaller items like wallet, cles etc. that way, i can use it everyday! :P
  5. Nice collection, Pearldk!:heart: Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  6. I love how your black MC wallet has the pink and purple LV in the front. I have it the exact same way in white MC. Great collection!
  7. VERY nice! Love your choices!:heart::girlsigh:
  8. What a beautiful collection!! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  9. Very nice !
  10. Beautiful indeed. Thanks for sharing the photos. I also like the colors on the MC
  11. Nice collection you got going there. Congrats.
  12. Nice collection, love the Tikal.
  13. Nice collection!
  14. BEAUTIFUL collection!!!:love:
  15. Very nice!!! Thanks for sharing..