My small LV collection

  1. Small but well represented I think ...

    what would you add to it?
  2. small items like wallet, cles and maybe some multicolor if you like
  3. Multicolor, damier, or damier azur!
  4. Def. some Multicolor!!!

  5. I have a LV card case, coin case and an agenda ...

    The multicolor is one I have wanted but I don't know if I would use it ... in New York I never see them around. I am not sure the DH would let me buy a bag just to have it but maybe a multi accessory of some sort ...
  6. Harley-great collection--you have more then I do! I love your Mahattan!
  7. A wallet to use in your purses. You have a nice collection. Multicolor is also beautiful to add. I love MC!!!
  8. Can someone clue me in on the latest versions of the Multi??
  9. Does anyone have this? Does it carry a NANO??
    lv shuffle.jpg
  10. great collection! you have a piece from almost every line! maybe a multicolor next, that would be a great addition! congrats!
  11. vernis wallet, MC key chain
  12. MC key holder
  13. thx all
    - great ideas

    I liked the ipod cover i found but I have a nano, not the shuffle ...
  14. Great collection!
  15. Nice collection! I'd also go with MC...maybe a wallet or an address book?