My small, long-time coming, mildly shocking reveal!

  1. Well it's been awhile since my second SF H visit. My SA, while super-new, is just as fabulous from his days at BV and it was a joy to work with him at Hermes. I'm trying my hardest not to call and order something from him during the friday sale :crybaby:

    Even though I went with a few non-purse-loving, gag-at-the-prices friends (I had to force one to not bring her fake prada bag along), I had a ball trying on a Lindy and pointing out all the bags I would someday own. Next time I make it to SF, I really want to take the time to browse longer and look at the leather book. I went in a couple of weeks before xmas and it was way too crazy in there to get a lot of my SA's time.

    Here is my small reveal, but even these little things bring so much joy!

    De Tout Coeur in the blue and green cw, horn scarf ring and gold clemence/black box belt with a now scratched brushed Palladium buckle.

    BUT WAIT! What's so shocking about that you may ask?!
    I have another small surprise, and one that may not be looked at quite so positively in this sub-forum. I am going to humbly ask that you all keep an open mind and remember that sometimes people get different reactions to things that make their heart sing. Any guesses before I go all crazy on you guys?
    firstorangeboxes.jpg detc.jpg openloot.jpg
  2. Your things are beautiful. Great, now I think I'm starting to fall for scarves.
  3. HMMM I can't think of anything that would upset me! I hope it's something AWESOME! Love the scarf!!!! De Tout Coeur is so lovely but after seeing tresors du mind is distracted.

    So what sizes and colors of Lindy did you see/try on??? I want to get a 30cm :smile:
  4. Something LV?
  5. Oh I love the belt & the scarf!!!! congratulations:smile: well you are making me very curious :smile:))) I bought the same scarfring for a Christmas present and now wished I had snatched it up too... it's gorgeous and so lightweight.
  7. Maybe Chanel? But who could be mad at Chanel or LV?:wondering
  8. Thanks!
    I fell for De Tout Coeur hard! I wanted my first H scarf to be orange, but this colorway was just so amazing, I had to have it.

    My surprise has nothing to do with other brands! This thread is all about Hermes, but I did not buy anything else from them or even from a reseller. I'm quite nervous to show everyone, but I am also totally excited about it.
  9. Beautiful choices!!!! let's see a guess? I am the worlds worst guesser I like pretty much everything except maybe i'm not into C that much.
  10. I don't know tresors...I'm really behind on my scarf knowledge! I am not sure about the Lindy size, but whatever it was was way too large. My SA still needs to bone up on his H knowledge, and I didn't think to look.
  11. Ohhh OK give it up!!!!:graucho:
  12. I give up too!
  13. doubtfulguest--love the new scarf! Looks like you have dived right into Hermes and come out with some lovely goodies! Okay, I have no clue what your shocking reveal could be!
  14. Is it animal related?