My small growing JC collection!!

  1. Black Watersnake Ramona
    Electric Blue Mahala
    Purple Mahala
    Cognac Maddy
    Chocolate Marcia

    could you resize the photos down a bit please? Or use our attachment tool?
  2. Okidoki .... sorry ... better?

  3. Love the Jimmy Choo!
  4. Wow!
    I love them all! You have a very nice collection! Congrats!
  5. Great collection! Thank for sharing! :smile:
  6. thx girls - Im so planning to ad more:graucho:
  7. Great collection! Do you only own JC pieces?
  8. great collection.
  9. omfg. if only i was a chick.
    or just willing to wear purses. :roflmfao:


    :tup::yahoo:THAT COLOR IS HEAVEN :yahoo::tup:
  10. sadcandy - yes I only have JC bags ...... i :heart::heart: them!!!
  11. I just bought my first JC and I like it alot.LOve your collection
  12. I'm totally envious, I only have one JC. Lovely!
  13. Love the ramona.
    Lovely collection.
  14. sparkle7 & titania029 - which one do you have?:nuts:
  15. JC7, it's on the first page of my collection page. I'm hoping it will last me many years to come :yes: