My small entry into Hermes..

  1. I've been a long time lurker on the Hermes forum and usually post in the Bbag section but love admiring everyone's delicious Hermes pieces...

    During the terrible Singapore Airlines A380 flight debacle on Monday evening when i got stranded in the airport terminal for 6-7 hours waiting for my flight back to Sydney before i gave up and went home, i somehow managed to purchase my first ever Hermes bag! :p

    I blame it on stress and fatigue...:p

    So without further ado, here she is.......
  2. Garden Party TPM in full not sure what leather this is and the colour is the new red in line with the indienne theme...

  3. Congratulations!! What a lovely way to start your Hermes collection.
  4. Some modelling pics, sorry about the bad lighting, mess and i'm in my bed clothes!!!

  5. congratulations! nothing like the first h bag. enjoy!
  6. That is a great bag you have just purchased. I am sure you will find many ways of using her. Congrats on your 1st H and may there be many more!
  7. congrats! it's gorgeous!
  8. Cute!
  9. Love your GP! So adorable! Congrats on your first H!!!!!
  10. very cute and it looks great on you! congrats!
  11. Thank you for all your lovely comments!
  12. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  13. Wow what a gorgeous red bag!! You wear her well, even in your bed clothes!
  14. That's really cute - a perfect summer bag! Congrats!
  15. Your new baby is just beautiful! Congrats!