My small Dooney Collection

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  1. aww cute! i love that those 2 things match!

    i thought the tattoo idea was awful on the website, but OMG how cute is that! :love: that lil tat bag!

    yay to your dooneys!
  2. Great Collection.
  3. LOVES it! I really love the old periwinkle color...I tried to find some in the outlet, but all they had left were the jewel cases. Thanks for sharing! :yes:
  4. Its discontinued? I had my barrel bag with me today at the restaurant, and the waitress said that she had the same bag except in pink! :P

    Thanks, everyone!
  5. small collection but cute choices. simple and elegant
  6. I'm afraid so. A lot of the coated canvas collection now consists of the bees, ice creams, and other signature styles I'm not really into. :sad:

    The thing I love about dooney is that I get nice compliments from people...even more so than LV, for some reason. :confused1:
  7. Why are you "not feeling the LVOE"?
  8. Very cute!! I love the periwinkle :smile:
  9. :tdown: Several reasons. There are actually some details I'd rather not divulge about it (it has more to do with people than it does with the actual product), but one of my reasons is that I just had too much of it all at once. Too much monogram = not for me. Sometimes when you have too much of one thing, you get tired...or at least, I do.

    And I like appreciating other designers. I know people would think I'm crazy to go back to D&B, but honestly, I don't care. And I don't have the money to "upgrade" to Chanel, Balenciaga, or Hermes. :lol:
  10. Thats why I only have one monogram bag...Speedy 30. Which other LVs do you have?

    I just bought my first Hermes bag, and I still carry my Dooney barrel bag because its all-weather, and I don't have to worry about it. I switch bags often though.
  11. Pretty collection!
  12. Very nice. Congratulations on your purchases!

    Now...when will you begin expanding the collection :P?