My small collection

  1. Hey guys, I'm new hear, but I thought I'd show off my little collection...


    and from this is missing my new Azur 30, so if you don't mind the deer in headlights picture, you can see that in the background

  2. Very nice :smile:
  3. Very nice collection! I love the Azur :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful bags! Love the Coach legacy stripes!
  5. Great collection. Love both the LV's and the Coach.
  6. I love your collection! I really adore the azure, it looks great.
  7. Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Beautiful! Is that a Ceries Carryall!??? I've never seen one! Wow!
  9. you have a lovely collection
  10. congrats!i love your cerises keepall!
  11. very pretty pieces!
  12. You have a lovely collection! I'm a big Azur fan, too. thanks for sharing with us--it's so fun to look at other people's bags.:yahoo:
  13. wow!! all the little cherries are SO C-U-T-E!!
  14. :heart: love all the cerises stuff!
  15. Lovely pieces..