My small collection

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  1. Does anyone else keep their collection small because it makes each bag more special ? I find if my personal collection gets larger then my bags start feeling not as special ... Am I crazy lol?

    Picture of my itty bitty collection attached lol

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  2. Gorgeous pieces and all so unique! :smile:
  3. Great collection! You're definitely not crazy at all as I'm sure each piece has its purpose. :smile:

    I'm one of those who want to keep my collection small and only buy items I know I will get the most use out of. It also ensures that each piece get their turn being used.
  4. Small, but awsome! I can tell you put a lot of thought in your collection and that you are not the type to settle for something she's not absolutely in love with. So I think it makes every sence in the world that you enjoy your pieces more like this instead of adding a lot of bags that don't necessarily have that 'wow effect' your current bags have on you. You are not crazy, just a smart consumer! :smile:

    I don't have a big collection either, but for my it's more about functionality. I buy a bag for the use and not for the 'own'. So every piece I purchase must serve a different purpose than the ones I already have. If it doesn't do that I can't justify the purchase because I don't feel like it's something I actually need.
  5. Hey, nothing wrong with that collection. Just finished drooling over them all. Loving your Hermes. What LV Damier is that? :cool:
  6. Your collection is amazing! I´d rather have a small collection of perfect bags instead of a big collection with many bags that I hardly use.
    I don`t have a lot of bags either and already can´t decide which one to use ;) . But my bags are not as stunning as yours.
  7. You're not crazy. You have the right idea. That's very sensible of you. I'm fairly new to designer bags and Ive had a period of going crazy and just buying every bag that I liked but once I got past 10 it just seemed like too many to be manageable. And to be honest I don't really need all 10 and I know exactly which ones id get rid of but I'm not ready to let them go just yet haha
  8. Nice collection! Especially loving the Celine colour combo ;)
  9. I agree! Small collections feel more special, when you feel every piece serves a different need :smile:
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    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
    I feel exactly the same and I've really pared my collection down as well. I much prefer a smaller, well- honed collection of bags I absolutely love and that convey my personal style. Your collection is fabulous... Very classic, neutral, classy and diverse bags that are all so beautiful! Congrats and enjoy! I love your taste in bags!
  11. Very very nice collection.
  12. I think your collection is really nice. You have great colors and different styles.
  13. Your collection is absolutely fabulous!!!! I agree, smaller number of well loved bags is better! :biggrin:
  14. Such a cute collection. Yes I do have a limit as to how many bags I have and once I reach that limit and if I get another bag that means a bag has to go. Basically now my limit is what ever fits in my purse closet. I just got rid of two bags that I don't really use to make room for a couple new bags. Of course I could buy another purse closet but that would be cheating.
  15. I also like to keep my collection small! I find it overwhelming to own more than 10 bags at a time. Your collection is gorgeous, well-rounded, and carefully curated. Every single bag is special and well worth the investment!