My small collection :)

  1. I L :heart: VE Your FENDI!
  2. Love your Fendi , ^^
  3. I love the Fendi!!!
  4. nice collections!
  5. Your collection is great! That red Epi alma rocks!
  6. love the red Alma!
  7. Love that red alma. What a pop of color.
  8. I LOVE ur Fendi speedy and the Burberry tote:smile:. I agree with wanting the LV speedy. I always wanted one, but I'm more of a shoulderbag girl. However, when my friend had an old one to sell during her divorce I jumped at the chance to buy one for $250 to see if i would like it. I wouldnt want to pay over $700 for a bag I might not love. Well, I LOOOOVE it. Its my absolute favorite and am ready to buy another brand new one!! :biggrin:
  9. Awesome bags! I really like the Fendi and your Alma.
  10. Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing; I especially love the Alma.
  11. man i'm surfin collections for ideas for my next purchase as its been a while since i've bought a new handbag and BAM big leather coach is the first thing i see which was my first instinct for my next purchase lol... your bags are delicious and i just want to curl up in that first bag and live! ha!
  12. Lovely collection! I love your leather coach and the red LV Alma - just gorgeous!
  13. Great bags - that light-colored Coach looks mighty pristine for being the bag that you "throw around!"
  14. lovely gucci, fendi, and EPI alma, great taste, thanks for sharing
  15. Love love love your collection! Especially your Alma!!