My small Collection

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  1. Hi all, this is my first thread, just wanted to post my small collection. I am obsessed with Coach! I was just at the outlet yesterday picking up some new goodies. My husband hates my obsession, but I keep reminding him of all of his little model fire trucks he collects :tdown:(he has about 100) and he stops complaining.

    Black Large Soho Hobo 8A03 - My favorite by far, very versitile, and it holds a ton, I got this one at the Military base, price said Original price was $298 but military price was $238 but it scanned for $119 :yahoo: I was excited. The leather is so soft and smooshy!!!

    Khaki and purple duffle 1487 - this was an eBay find for $65, I love how much I can actually fit into this bag and I love the color!!!!

    Chocolate Brown Small Bleeker zip Top 11430 :love: I got this at the outlet yesterday, It was just under $80, and they had a bunch of them, even had the small bleeker flaps for about $10 more

    And a factory Bag Hampton Stripe Large Carryall F11346 in Plum, I love the size of this bag, it holds everything. The suede is staying surprisingly clean, I used it for about 2 weeks straight nd there are no dirt spots yet :tup:
    Jennifer 004.jpg Jennifer 007.jpg Jennifer 008.jpg Jennifer 010.jpg
  2. For the accessories, I have a butterfly wristlet that I purchased about 4 or so years ago along with the pink leather butterfly charm at an outlet in Oregon. Then yesterday I got the 2 metalic Soho leather MD skinnies the Sagitarius Charm and the Pink signature flower keychain. I love the flower, I am afraid to even use it!!!!
    Jennifer 023.jpg Jennifer 024.jpg
  3. Nice collection! I like the Khaki and purple duffle and wow, $65?! I can never be so lucky on eBay!
  4. Oooo...very nice haul~~Enjoy them!! Oh...and welcome to tPF!!!! This will become your next obsession!!!
  5. Fashionista Gal - The duffle is great. I have seen more on eBay but they always go for over $100. I lucked out because I stay up late to id on them.

    Admat97 - It already is, :tpfrox:I have been lurking and lusting for almost a year!
  6. That butterfly wristlet is very very cute. You have a very nice collection.
  7. You have a wonderful collection! Welcome to TPF!!!!
  8. AMAZING deal on the Bleecker, wow wish my outlet had those! It's gorgeous! Love the whole collection! Welcome to tPF!
  9. [​IMG]
    cute butterfly
  10. Love the heart and butterfly! SO cute! The Bleeker hobo is great too!
  11. Thanks all. i plan on getting even more. I was torn between the bleeker a a plum ergo belted flap. my friend was pushing the ergo,, but I am not a fan of the flap bags unless they are cross body. I was really looking for a carly, and found one on the military site which with the online 20% off would cost me around 220. It is for the medium. They had just sold 2 carlys about 15 minutes before I got to the outlet. So upset :sad:
  12. Cute collection! Thanks for sharing! I love the colorful accessories!
  13. i like your MD skinnies A LOT!!!!!! i've never seen them in metallic either... great outlet finds! i have the bleecker hobo too...
  14. Hi there! And a big welcome:welcome:You have a beautiful collection! Im sure you will love it here. Thank you so much for sharing!!:flowers:
  15. Nice collection. I love the butterfly writslet. You have some great vintage classics you can't get anymore.