My small collection

  1. Clockwise from top left: Mulberry Elgin Tote in Olive, Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Teri in Camoflauge, Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Dakota Tote in Mouse Grey, Marc Jacobs Lola in Black, Kooba Meredith in Black, Kate Spade Georgetown Carlyle in Turquoise
    [​IMG]Clutches: Lauren Merkin Perforated Gold Clutch and Grey Clutch, Satin Clutches from Gap and Banana Republic
    The new edition to the family; to be arriving by Friday *fingers crossed*.

    Can you tell I love green? I need a red bag...What I wouldn't do for a rose red MJ tere...
  2. Great the colors!
  3. Nice collection ... thanks for sharing!
  4. Great colors- esp. love the MJ!
  5. Love all your MJs!
  6. Love your clutch collection, so cute !
  7. Love your new green addition to the family.
  8. Nice collection
  9. nice like the meredith
  10. Nice collection!! Love all your clutches. :tup:
  11. Great collection!! :biggrin: Love the green theme!
  12. Nice collection!
  13. Not small at all, great collection!
  14. love your collection. nice to see other collections that are soley based on LV
  15. Love the Mulberry Elgin tote...