My small collection =)

  1. I'm still in college and had hidden most of these bags from my parents (they don't see the point of spending anything above $30 for a bag). I just started my collection last year with a damier speedy in a size 25, and now I just can't stop!!

    Right now, my fav is my Dior girly (got it on eBay for 300!!)

    Next fav is my anthracite bbag

    Here's the rest. They're all i have so far... I'll sneak in more next year :graucho:
  2. :heart: the color of your Bal. cute collection!
  3. You've got a great collection, and I LOVE the boston girly bag!
  4. that dior is so cute
  5. Very nice :yes:

    When I was in college, I didn't see the point in spending more then $30 for a bag...........o how times have changed. :shame::lol:
  6. Nice:tup:
  7. I totally feel your pain on the whole broke college student, parents just don't understand thing. My parents actually do understand, their bank accounts just don't appreciate my desire for fine designer bags and shoes, fortunately they me feed my addiction every once in a while.

    Love your collection by the way!

    I posted mine on the 9th of December but it still hasn't been added to the thread, I just don't know who to contact or what to do!
  8. Cute collection, especially the damier speedy and the girly Dior! Congrats! :smile:
  9. Cute girly Dior!
  10. i love you pink dior bag... were the same since I'm in high school I started collecting bags and I bought them through my allowance...
  11. Love your Dior and Damier Speedy...and the Bal!
  12. Love the damier speedy!
  13. Nice collection- love the color of the Gaucho!
  14. cute collection!
  15. Gorgeous bbag!