My small collection

  1. My small collection, I've since given my mom my extra large coach and sold a few others. I've whittled it down to the 2 essentials for totes. (Gosh, I didn't realize how many wristlets/clutches I owned. I don't use any of them ever!) Most days, I carry the butterysoft non-label one on the left that my girlfriend had made for me. :heart:
  2. Love the gucci's- and the mono pochette is a favorite!
  3. great collection.
  4. Love the Gucci!
  5. Wow!! Your friend made that bag....its super cute:tup:
  6. Nice collection!
  7. Cute collection!
  8. Wow! Great collection.
  9. Lovely collection!
  10. Cute collection - the pochette and cles is a must-have ;) love them
  11. Wow, your friend is super talented!!! And I love the mono pochette (I should, since I have one)! Great collection :smile:
  12. Your friend made that bag?? Wow! it's really nice!
  13. Love the LVs!
  14. You have some very lovely and classic pieces ! :yes:
  15. Looks really nice :yes: