My small collection

  1. This is my small collection I've purchaed over the past 3 years. Although the majority were purchased in the last year and a half while working at Neiman Marcus.

    Photo 1: Family shot
    Photo 2: LV
    Photo 3: Chanel
    Photo 4: Gucci
    Photo 5: Dior
    DSC00982_1.jpg DSC00984.jpg DSC00986.jpg DSC00987.jpg DSC00988.jpg
  2. your dior purse is tdf... such a lovely collection
  3. NIIICE! I love the patina on your Cabas!;)
  4. Cute collection ! And hey, perks of working at NM. :graucho:
  5. Beautiful, diverse collection
  6. Here's the rest of the collection...

    Pic 1: Prada
    Pic 2: Marc Jacobs and Chloe
    Pic 3: Judith Leiber (this appeared at my doorstep this afternoon when I got home from work.:drool: My ex is trying to get back with me.)
    DSC00989.jpg DSC00990.jpg DSC01121.jpg
  7. Great collection!
  8. So many lovely purses :nuts:
  9. Great Collection!! I love the Gucci flats!
  10. Ooh, I really love your gucci tote!
  11. beautiful LV collection! i love your multicolor pochette
  12. Love the colors on that Dior!
  13. great collection!
  14. Great collection!
  15. I'd have such a hard time working at neiman's :p
    I'd spend every paycheck
    Great collection