My Small Collection! =)

  1. Hey guys! I love all your purses so I thought I'd show you guys mine. My camera isn't working too well so the quality of the pix isn't too great but I think u kan see them alright! Gimme feedback about my bags please! Thanks! =) :yahoo:

    I have so far a Dior trotter romantique bag, a Dior pink/brown logo wallet (not shown), a Prada Bauletto bear bag (pink), Fendi silver shoulder bag, Juicy Couture blue/pink satchel & wallet, Louis Vuitton white vernis wallet, prada pink key holder, Coach white rabbit fur shoulder bag, Burberry blue barrel bag, Dooney & Bourke small barrel bag & wallet ...trying to get more! need more $$ hehe =P
    SP_A0617.jpg SP_A0618.jpg SP_A0619.jpg SP_A0620.jpg SP_A0621.jpg
  2. Beautiful collection!
  3. Beautiful purses! So cute! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Great collection!
  5. Nice! I love the Dior bag ... that's so pretty.
  6. Love the Prada bear bag!
  7. great collection.
  8. Your bags are totally adorable!
  9. Great collection. Love your Dior trotter.
  10. LOVE your Prada and Vernis! Cute collection!
  11. Great collection- love the LV and burberry!