My small collection of COACH!

  1. Here is my small collection of COACH:

    My recent purchases from late January & early February (all on the left side) are the HAMPTONS SIGNATURE Small Hobo, Small Wristlet & Mini Skinny. On the right hand the side: My mom had bought me that bag back in 2001 for my 24th birthday. My wallet and wristlet, I bought last year on sale for $39 (wallet) and $29 (wristlet).

  2. nice collection i like that mini skinny in front is it metallic
  3. such a cute collection! i love the red wallet - $39?!?!?! GREAT deal!!! :tup:
  4. cute things you have there! I like the black wristlet with the lacing up the front reminds me of a corset.
  5. The Mini Skinny is not metallic. It's the Hamptons Signature in silver/khaki/mahogany.
  6. Nice collection. I like your wristlets!!!
  7. I LOVE your Hobo... I always wanted that bag but it was discontinued before I could get my hands on it :sad:

    Buyer's remorse ever since...